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Without proper knowledge and research, your competitors can gain the glory for your work. Don't let this happen...do it to them!

Your competitors are the defining aspect that will keep you ontop in the internet world. You have to know, define and keep attached to them.

Well that is what every web site out there dedicated to your music style is- your competitors. It seems strange, but look at them. They have done what you are trying to do. We have to assume that they are:

1) making money,
2) getting traffic to their site
3) enjoying what they are doing
4) obtaining a reputation.

Why do we have to assume that they are doing well? Because if we don't we become complacent, we think that we are the best, no-one can touch us- once our site is in cyberspace, that is it, THE knowledge centre of the world.

"1000 more web sites a day being made- ha! Don't make me laugh- I don't care" [one year later] "where have my sales gone, hey, my traffic, where is it?"

Bit far fetched? Unfortunately no. If we lift our fingers off the pulse, if we don't follow our competitors then we will not know what special deal, new promotion, extra news, what doesn't work, what does work, or anything else that our competitors can give us.


� How about if we offered our music on tape, where our competitor offered a CD or mp3

� Customers have to send an SAE to us to get our catalogue, where as our competitor offered an online, searchable catalogue and a hotline for customers to phone.

(Scarily, I have seen these things being offered!)

That is it! Your competitor's web site, gives you something to aspire to, a goal, you really want to beat them so that you can gloat! A teacher once told me something that is a golden piece of advice.

"Learn off the brains of the class, bounce ideas off them. Subconsciously you become determined, you become empowered then to work harder. They can even teach you ways to revise, to learn, and to comprehend a difficult topic."

That is what we are going to do. It is the best technique that anyone one the internet can use. It is how the marketing gurus do it.

Instead of ploughing tonnes of money into advertising strategies, or spending years undergoing a vast range of research, we can use our competition, your "allies", to help us. Hey, they have already done the ground work for us- and they have shown us that it works! Yahoo! Is a perfect example, they paved the way in search engine technology and added substance to the blank search page, and now everyone is copying them, and why not? Yahoo! Has proved the idea to be successful.

And that's it! Knowing we have competitors, sends a little signal to us that our hunch works, our idea works, and it is profitable.

Keeping with the competitors will develop our site so that it will always look fresh, never old, always something to offer 1) the new customer, and 2) the repeat customer (the number one goal).

"Without research, without continual development, we will stagnate, and with stagnation becomes disappearance"

One thing that is never understood by web site owners is that your site is not unique for long. After some time, your competition will find you. Your competitors will borrow your ideas, and you will borrow some of theirs, but putting your extra twist on the subject to make it unique to your site. This is how you will be playing the web-site game. Updating, tweaking, and traffic generation.

You will always try to do better, because you know that your competition will do better, it is a competitive market, but above all, you have the desire to win.

Never be disheartened that someone has copied you, it is 1. A complement, and 2. Now you know you have a good idea- keep them flowing, and defendable if possible.

So who is and fundamentally how do we find our competitors? Click for the second part of your complete competitor guide.