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The Best Undetected Unsigned Techno Music- picked by you!

I am tired of the unsigned techno music artists out there that are stuck in the bottom charts. Who have no audience and just smothered by a ton of crap artists.

Tell me why so many rubbish artists are in the chart now?

I never put them there. I didn't buy any single. I don't want a Pop Idol to be automatically put at the top of the charts (which they boast about). I will tell you why these people succeed, it is because of marketing. Get money thrown at you and you will get in the charts. No talent..no way!

It is criminal that these artists are not heard...and now I am doing something about it.

People power X 100.

There are plenty of places on the Internet where these tracks are, and not getting listen to. Maybe you have seen a track, maybe you are an artist that just wants their music to be heard...for once.

So now is your chance. Tell me who is your favourite unsigned techno music artist who we should know about. They mustn't be a top chart act, or even got top placement in Internet charts.

If you heard a track that is really cool, or an artist that you think deserves some Internet time, then just say! Why should we listen to them, why should they get peoples reviews?

And that is it. Visitors will be able to vote on their tracks. The highest number of rating, then we shall try to contact the artist and get them exposed to everyone!

I am going to start us off with 2 criminally unsigned artists.

1. Keith303...With the track Thumbworker. (Click the link to download/ play in a new window).

Haven't heard of him? Same here until I listened to old demos from the PC, then I decided to look up this artist. They have been busy creating some interesting, original tracks, but nothing has come out of it- no signing and no CDs.

Now why this artist hasn't been recognised is anyones guess. But it is wrong! Thumbworker is just one of many tracks that are artistically great, full of great weird sounds, full of a beat that isn't intrusive and just changes when you think that you have heard just about enough.

The artist seems to know what the listener wants, and gives it to them in bucket loads.

2. Elwood- Stompin' Little Scouts. (Click the link to download/ play in a new window).

Many of you who had an Amiga or a PC in the later years knew of this artist. He released many demo tracks, but then he started to release MP3s...now that lit up the atmosphere.

An amazing artist that when you cut back his music you found so many layers of sounds that you couldn't distintivly hear but you knew that the track would be empty without them.

His style was predominantly Euro dance, but it was just amazing music. For me it was the hooks. He used so many and hooks that would kick most chart music into space.

So why do we not know of this artist? Why do we hear churned out rubbish like Gina G...rather than excellent, intelligent Euro Dance from this great unsigned techno music artist.

Shout About An Artist Or Get Your Tracks Reviewed, But PLEASE Remember This:

  • Give the artists name- which will be the title.
  • Make sure that you tell us why you like the artist. Saying "they are great" won't work because everyone does it. Describe them, who do they sound like, dark techno, poppy dance?
  • Make sure that you include where we can find the artist, so include their web address (no HTML, but adding the www is fine).
  • Say which track you like. Going through all 23 tracks is quite hard work.There has to be one better than the rest.

Please Note: One worded submissions and no links or descriptions have been sent recently. THESE WILL BE DELETED. Please take the time to describe yourself AND your music and where we can find your sounds from!

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