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The top techno songs of 2007. Be warned, serious dancing can occur.

With 2007 a distant memory, can you remember the top techno songs of 2007? Some are genius and classics, where others just made you want to dance the night away. As per usual the 2007 list is made up from DJ reviews and votes...so it is not rigged by some companies buying votes (if I was that producer I would feel gutted in some ways) or people phoning multiple times...is that really fair?

Top Techno Songs List: 1. Sunfreakz Feat Andrea Britton Counting Down The Days? (Axwell Vocal Mix)

Is it me or do we always start with a summer dance hit? It is not really synthy in the chorus, but the vocals are usual Ibiza churn outs :)

The Techno List: 2. Tom Novy My House (Original Edit)

Ahh, we start with my fave and continue through with some basic synth sounds. A great funky tune that is loaded with more hooks than a fishing shop (oooh...poor joke:) ).

The Techno List: 3. Kaskade Sorry (Dirty Sourth Remix)

Dirty house music...and what a cool remix. I have to say though it is really a foot tapper...that is such a basic hook, lead and beat but it makes it work so well.

The Techno List: 4. Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso Umbrella (Original Instrumental Version)

It is not a good start to the track is it? Not really...dancy...but wait...you hear the synths, some good guitars then this track turns into something else. Reminds me of Basement Jaxx- the next level though. A great tune that really rewards.

The Techno List: 5. Axwell I Found You (Remode Mix)

Remember Baby D? Reminds me of that, cool its a 2000 track with 90s roots. The best thing is surely the "xylophone" chorus and some great dancing on the video. A cool track.

The Top Techno Songs List: 6. Pryda Armed

I think we are going to hear much more to Pryda. Such a good track with good build ups and a great catchy beat. Very trancy in nature, and it is those fading/ shading in the genres that will occur over time.

The Techno List: 7. John Dahlb�ck Everywhere (Original)

Yeah, the return of the MC202 style synth lines. i like the idea that he uses them as a pseudo string. Then we get into some great synth chorus.

The Techno List: 8. Arno Cost & Arias Magenta

A great pumped up club number. You just know that this builds and builds. A great track.

The Techno List: 9. Pier Bucci Hay Consuelo (Samim Mix)

What a difference from the previous song. But both are club classics. One is in your face and this is more minimalistic, and again with trancy elements attached.

The Techno List: 10. Julien Jewell Air Conditionn�

Awww...happy tunes and a great electro tune that actually has great hooks and structure rather than random ramblings...like my writing :)

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