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Below are listed the top techno songs for 2005 and 2006

The top techno songs for 2005 that go into this page are the top. I mean the best techno- the ones that make your head nod, and make you jive. They are the greatest, best techno songs that you can listen to, this year.

However, what is my main criteria, the main thumbs up and not fingers in ears to call the top techno songs of 2005? Well, the songs have to be original. I don't care about sales figures, it has to be commercial, but if it doesn't do well, it doesn't mean anything. I want an original techno song, thats the main criteria for being in the top techno songs list .

Originality as you might expect has many meanings but, I say that the top techno songs have to sound original (ideas) and sound original (samples used). When you put criteria into judging commercial tracks well, alot get left out. But as I say why listen to the crap (sorry) that is out there when you can listen to the original from which they are based.

Oh, and don't miss the best techno for 2006 and 2007.

Top Techno Songs List: 1. Herd & Fitz Feat. Abigail Bailey - Just Can?t Get Enough (Freemasons Remix).

A summer smash. This is one of the better remixes out there, the other one if you can find it is: H&Fs; 2Risque Vox, which is pretty cool.

Top List: 2. Poker Pets Feat. Nate James - Lovin? You.

This is a great looped dance hit. Those of you sharp enough to catch some familiar things going on in the video, you'd be right. It is a spoof of other dance hit videos from that time. They are in order: Eric prydz - call on me, Uniting Nations - Out of touch, Benni benassi - satisfaction and The lovefreakz - Shine.

Great Techno Songs List: 3. Freemasons Feat. Amanda Wilson - Love On My Mind

I think The Freemasons are great. They have just got an additional edge to their music. It sounds more professional, linked- nothing forced, and generally a better style. Their remixes are on another level.

Top List: 4. Deep Dish Feat. Anousheh Khalili - Say Hello (Deep Dish UK Club Mix)

Great Techno Songs List: 5. Aaron Smith Feat. Luvli - Dancin (JJ Flores & Steve Smooth Remix

Great house tune and a big summer anthem. Yes, dancing makes me whole :)

Top List: 6. Roman Flugal - Geht's Noch? (Steve Angello Vs. Who's Who Mix)

Heheheh...how cool is the vid? It sounds like Sweep (from the ultra cool Sooty and Sweep show) on major illegal meds. It's such a basic tune when you think about it, but it is all made from hooks. The beat is its own hook, the bass is a hook, the lead...all of it.

The List: 7. The Drill - The Drill

Now I love this style of music. This is the original, but if you can get your sticky mitts on "Caesar's Scissors Edit" then that is a very special remix of The Drill.

Songs List: 8. Moonbotica - Bulldog Beats (New Version)

The List: 9. Spektrum - Kinda New (Dirty South Remix)

A great hard house mix, but again, those Caesars have been busy, see if you can check out the "Tieschwarz Dub 'Caesar's Scissors Edit", bit better than this "Dirty" version ;)

Songs List: 10. Chriss Source - Hughs'n'Kisses

This great track was a little under the radar. It plays well with loud volume. If you want a crowd fave, that was a classic then you can't go wrong with uncle Chriss.

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