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Dance to your own great techno songs with the FREE Technolite newsletter.

Hi fellow Techno songs maker!

Yep you! Did you know that you have got a techno or any sort of electronic music track just waiting to get out from inside of you? No? Well you have, there :) Don't believe alot of sites. Making any sort of electronic music is two things:

1. Not expensive at all, 2. really fun and easy to do!

Isn't it frustrating that you are being contantly sold to? Nothing seems to be for free does it? Everything is trial versions, pay to subscribe etc.

This must stop, and I have done something about it.

I have created your totally FREE newsletter, TechnoLite, to keep you informed with up-to-date electronic (trance, techno songs, chillout etc) music creation tips and strategies.

I know that most Newsletters are all the same, featuring small snipets of informations, selling material and alot of, well "hot air" and no substance.

You have heard it all before right?

Not this time :)

Your Techno song making newsletter is definitly different. For a start

    It gets released when there is something worthy to say. Not weekly (I have had to unsubscribe to many articles because of this bombardment)- it gets released just when you need it. A refreshing change

    I personally review, and test everything that I put into Technolite. If a bit of software is poor, it never gets added, but I will say. I never use the company's marketing blurb...more than likely it's wrong- and I will state it.

    Technolite doesn't contain a list of links or non-proven methods (alot of newsletters do feature this). Just reliable information.

So what do you receive in Technolite? For free you get the following:

    New and up-to-date music making software- I was one of the first sites to state that the classic Rebirth softsynth was available for free download- some sites were still selling this now bargain of the century.

    Music marketing strategies to increase traffic to your site, one article can increase your traffic by a base of 100%.

    Access to sites that contain a goldmine of sounds, that most Internet sites "forget" to include in their links pages.

    Access to restricted areas of the main site.

    Be able to contribute to the site, when you want to.

    Have a say in running the site. A feedback form is open 24/7 for subscribers.

    Have access to products and articles months before they are released on the main site.

    Have access to free full ebooks.


If you subscribe today you will receive a copy of a great free, full featured ebook "Make your Words Sell". What you say is the main factor in selling or achieving the download.

    For example: 1) Adding the right words to a title can increase profits by 300%, 2) Changing one sentence catapulted one ebook's sales from 12 to 600,000!

New Only available to subscribers of Technolite: 25 Pro dance and chill music making tips. Completely smash away your techno songs with hard house tips, or create really smooth and original Leftfield type music...you choose...or be totally original and highly downloadworthy if you use both! Did I say there are plenty of free software downloads as well...found nowhere else on the site.

New Only available to subscribers of Technolite: Hip-Hop Tips and Tricks. A 2 part article, part 1 has a great interview with the legendary Neptunes...revealing their secrets, tricks and equipment used.

New Only available to subscribers of Technolite: How to make tracks with Virtual Instruments...easily. There are plenty of VSTs out there on the Internet, but how do you use them properly to make a beat or synth line? I tell you how.


To subscribe just fill in the appropriate boxes below and then press submit. Its that easy. You also have my guarantee that I will never use your emails for anything else apart from giving you Technolite newsletter. 100% techno songs making information, 100% up-to-date, 100% information.

Sign up for FREE today.

Enjoy, and Regards

Dominic, Webmaster of Make free dance and Techno songs.

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Please note. Like most newsletters sent through email, this newsletter can be whitelisted. The contents can end up being in your email recyle bin without you knowing:( Not good especially when you want to make quality Techno songs with all the free software and tips that are sent through. To stop this happening make sure that Technolite is added to "your contacts"