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There are a few golden rules within music marketing

There are two things that you need to accompish your goals of music marketing 1) Getting your songs into as many MP3 sites as possible, and 2) Getting your link (homepage) listed at another site is a great way to spread your name/ group/ music around the internet for next to nothing. And it will also increase your link popularity and increase your favour with the search engines (more of this later).

Lets consider the music marketing golden rule, linking to another site first:

There are a few questions that you need to ask yourself before you embark on such a trek.

1. Make sure that the site that you link points from is of relevance to your subject. If you have techno songs don't think of linking to a site that has predominantly knit-wear. Off topic sites will be a waste of time, won't bring you in any traffic and will rank you poorly with the search engines. This is because your site will be classed as "artificially inflating" your link popularity and those links will be either ignored or your site will rank even lower.

2. Make sure that the site is good, and has some traffic coming away from it. At Alexa type in the search box the site you would like to look up and then see where it ranks, and how much traffic the site sees daily. Now you can pick topic specific sites that have some decent traffic. A good site would be MusicRemedy , it has an Alexa rating of 18,399 (Yahoo! is number 1). That site would be a good place to put your link as it is music specific, and highly rated (if you do a search through Alexa, it will give you related sites = more directories for you).

3. Put your link into specific music directories. If you don't know where these can be found, look to this powerful search engine: Search It

It can hunt for topic specific directories and hubs that will house your link. Can find your competition and can find some friendly/ non-competing web sites to help you. If you keep it open in the top corner of your monitor you will have 24 x 7 access and instant info-mining of the Web, free of charge.

As stated before getting the link into your site is used more by the engines to rank your site than it is used for traffic building from the links themselves. As one of their many "ranking" criteria search engines will look to see who is linking to your site. To their understanding, if someone links to you then your site can't really be that bad can it? Some of the main directories like JoeAnt has a pay to (possibly) include your site after being reviewed by a human editor, so they sort the wheat from the chaff and this is another factor that is used by the search engines as they send their search spiders into these directories.

Linking is a big thing, without someone linking to your site (and even vice versa), you can get shunned by the engines for a few weeks (loosing out on valuable traffic and time) and that is a bad thing.

Don't get scammed with link farms, ads, or expensive link programmes or even go on a link rampage and submit your link to every site on the planet, that is a waste of your time. What I have done is to use Value Exchange. You will generate targeted, quality matches for YOUR business site, provide some high-quality links to great resources for your visitors, and perhaps even develop some lucrative Joint Venture partnerships. The free software allows you to exchange links to only high content sites to TRULY increase your link popularity, in a way that the search engines love.

Now to the second music marketing golden rule. To increase traffic and future sales for your techno music, offer your products to other sites. This is such an easy, free, yet simple golden bullet in music marketing. Don't concentrate at the moment on expensive ways to promote your music, start off first with the many free techniques that accomplish similar goals.

In other words, make sure your music is distributed far and wide. Whether it be by linking, trading, or MP3 hosting, you need to spread, spread and spread again. The more people who will see your link the better. There are many free MP3 sites out there that will home your MP3s because you are not a "contract" artist. www.MP3.com is now register only, but they still have a lot of traffic. For example, sign up to put your MP3s onto its site. Then from your homepage you can link to MP3.com to your housed MP3s. they might only give you so much hard drive space, so use a couple of free housing sites to get more room. Also you are not giving too much attention to one site...what if it goes down, crashes, or goes under?

Just keep on distributing your MP3s.

However, MP3 sites are a strange lot, many of them are just notepad lists of MP3s that they have, or allow you to download illegal MP3. There are only a relative few that actually house or allow you to search for non-commercial MP3s. But there is also a big problem.

The MP3 market is very competative and an MP3 site that is at the top spot in Google one week will be relegated to page 2 or three the next week. Therefore you have to set aside time each week to submit your songs to up-and-coming MP3 hosting sites. The more you submit to the better. One site will always out class the other so at least your music will have a better chance of being found if you keep on submitting (with a link back to your site). Use Search It to target MP3 housing sites, bringing you back information from Yahoo! or Google on who is at the top of their listings, kepping you updated all the time.

Please note, don't worry about being in the top charts or in someone's recommended listening, it is not a music marketing disaster. It is nice, but it is not the end of the world, anyway you would be there for one week max anyway- get a pulse of traffic for the week, and then nothing (I even believe some sites get paid to manipulate charts, and some have a rota system anyway). You have to promote yourself, and that is what I will show you how to do.

Big music marketing sneaky tip: Some link sites still work alphabetically- and some companies realise this. Some company names start with a number- which usually gets put before "A" in the alphabet. Anyway, if your web name, or your group name begins with a number or a letter at the start of the alphabet, you will have a better chance of being spot. How many times have you waded through link after link to letter Z?

When you do find some quality MP3 sites see if they will link to you, if you link to them (with Value Exchange the sites are already poised to offer a link to another quality only site). If they offer you a banner to put on your site, reject it, you are not advertising for them. Some offer artist hosting, and some are link pages. The more coverage you do the better, it may be a chore but it will be well worth it. Even take some time out each week and just post links to various sites. But remember, this is what alot of people forget- and is a music marketing mistake: don't become a link site yourself, too many links from your site to the outside world will rank you poorly, 5 links is just right. Sites that have lists of links are doing themselves no favours, become a directory if you have loads of links.

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