A few emails from users of the Beginners Bible:

Oh My God! there's more than 300 pages worth of reading materials here, I never expected this amount of information. Well you've given me a lot to stay busy for the next year...

Email from UK User

I liked how you kept your promises and offered great links and advice and that the price was right. One of the best purchases I have made...

Email from Canadian User

Just want to say that even though I've been like the biggest techno fan out there, I was totally CLUELESS about this stuff. You gave me a huge piece of the puzzle and I've been able to use that...

Email from UK user

The loops m8 are just what I was looking for...

Email from UK user

Reason is cool...but this...I can do all sorts of melodies,
cheers Dominic

Email from Australian user

I thought it was too good to be true. You answered all my emails promptly and truthfully...and the ebook works.

Email from USA user

Wow. By following your guide I have made a tune! It didn't cost me a thing. Thanks Dominic

Email from a Norwegian user

Do You Want To Make And Release Your Own Pro Techno And Trance Music For Free AND In Your Spare Time?

From: Dominic Hough


Dear Techno Music Making friend,

It sounds too good to be true doesn't it? Alot of fluff and hype. However things have changed.

You can easily buy now ebooks and software that will make you music. Ableton, Reason and Fruity Loops are such software...but they can be costly- check them out and see what I mean, but you won't be able to find one under $90.

There are basic packages around, but they are just that- they push you to buy updates and sound banks. They also don't tell you how to get your tunes "out there" with ease.

The ebooks that are sold are created by fine musicians, but with most of them they demonstrate someones studio- costing many thousands of dollars unless you have that studio system you can not recreate the same music or sounds that they advertise. It makes sense doesn't it? Their high profile studio costs thousands of dollars, money that we don't all have. However...

If you could find a way to 100% recreate professionally created music for free...wouldn't that be better...without the use of a high priced studio?

How about if that same ebook helped you to get your music "out there" sell your music...for free, and gave you free sounds and support at the same time? Wouldn't that be cool?


So What Did Computer Music Magazine State About This System?

"[These tools] are now seen as serious contenders in the home music production arena, with plenty of Producers using them as a no-nonsense way to get ideas down, perhaps avoiding some of the unwanted visuals cues associated with timeline-based sequencers."


So You Wanna  Become An Online Music Success As Well? 

How would you like to vastly increase your chances of getting picked up by a Major Label or Distributor? Or how about being able to sell thousands of CD's on your own, without a label?

This is no fairy tale...and with proper guidence it can easily be within your grasp.

I designed this website to help you get the tools and guides that you need to break into the music industry and become successful. If want to start techno music making then now is your opportunity to start proper, with fully structured "non-jargon " beginner guides

This end tune took about 2 1/2 hours to complete (from idea, finding sounds, to simple composing):




I am Dominic Hough, and I love Techno music making, especially when you can do it, simpler, quicker and cheaper than anyone else.

Check out my tracks below. They  were made within 4 hours using free software and sounds. Both have blasted through the charts, but more on that later.

I use the name Superduel. Check them out here: SearchForMe, TimeToTell and Stop20. (click to play in a new window).

Listen to a clip from me, with sample tunes highlighting what you can easily create with The Beginners Guide.

Dominic Hough
Author: Complete Beginners Guide.


Taking You Through Every Stage Of Techno Music Making.

That is why I have designed a full, complete package that has everything that you need from generating an idea all the way to marketing and selling your quality track. Techno music making had never been easier.

With instant downloading, up-to-the-minute techniques, guides and free software, your start into techno music making has never been simpler. You don't need a professional studio. With my techniques I will show you how to simply convert your own computer into a music powerhouse for free.

These techniques and tips are so powerful and revolutionary that many people have asked "is this true, is this for real?"

it is true and Yes it is for real. FACT: Not one of the Beginners Bible readers have come back and said "I can not do this". FACT: Not one of the Beginners Bible readers has had probelms with the video footage and tutorials, and FACT: not one of the Beginners Bible readers have not made any music.


Your COMPLETE guide is result of almost 19 years of intensive research into exactly how YOU can successfully create and market your own Trance, Electro or Techno tracks from scratch!

  • You will make more profit  than if you went the normal conventional route- no cart software, no costly music making software, no hosting fees, no expensive hardware = 90% profit
  • You will have access to professional musician interviews with their secret tips and techniques. Artists who have done it. They show you how to plough through the charts and how they sold their tracks. With  over 50 additional tips from chart busting musicians are laid out throughout the guide, explaining how exactly how they "did it".
  • The guide explains why and how the majority of musician start ups fail - giving you their mistakes and remedies so you don't go down their costly route.
  • I shall explain the keys to success - also what 80% of all musicians are not doing- even professional chart musicians.


You will know the EXACT blue-print to chart success.

Every music track around is based upon a certain structure- from Faithless through to Tiesto- they all use the same structure. The best have a solid foundation that can be built upon, I have that same information written out in plain non jargon terms. Giving you a concrete base for a chart sturdy track that has success built into it.

"The benefit of trackers is that they make for extreamly powerful free or budget alternatives to today's big named music making software. But they also present a different way of making music that can lead to results you simply wouldn't get from anything else". Computer Music Magazine.

Check out this intro tune that was done in 2 hours:

Use the information time and time again to create stomping tracks that  are designed to be good.

  • You will have access to Professional MasterClassess. These are Mini Ebooks that give you the low-down on professional mastering techniques, sampling, and MP3 making.  I will give you additional software that usually retails for $14.95 - you will have it for free.
  • You will know the basics to  regularly build a killer baseline, a thumping drum track, pristine strings, and pro leads. These are formed through my guides without you having knowledge of music theory, or piano lessons, or even any keyboards.
  • Marketing- usually you can pay $200 for a full marketing system, but for you, it's totally free. Explaining all you need to market any of your tracks for free. I have written Complete Beginner and Marketing guides to Podcasting, Internet Radio, SoundClick, Gigs, and MySpace to name a few. I explain everything a non-techie needs to know.


I wanted to create a turnkey, paint-by-number blueprint that any aspiring musician could easily implement. I believe I've done just that.

"6 Power Stages For Online techno Music Making Success"

The Beginners Guide is well over 250 pages in length. Not including the 5 bonus ebooks. You'll get a detailed description of the exact steps that I took, one-by-one, when developing, writing, creating and marketing my own techno songs online.

The whole process is streamlined from start to finish. Missing nothing. Utilising stages so the whole process is moves you steadily and logically forward.

At the heart of the guide is the PowerStages- A sequenced order of music making stages, from idea generation all the way through top selling your music. 


Here are the 6 Power Stages for Techno Music Making in summary, with page references from the actual Beginners Guide:

Power Stage 1. Create the Ultimate Track- All the Time.

Why make a track that no one likes? I guide you through the careful process of choosing a track that will be a killer downloader...all the time, keeping you away from the 10 deadly track killers. (pages 35-52).

Power Stage 2. How do you actually make music?

Using free techno music making software I shall show you exactly how I accomplished making TimeToTell. Covering all the bases with basics lessons that you will ever need (pages 56-110).

Power Stage 3. Professional Music Making.

We know the basics, but we want an extra edge to our work. Here you will find MasterClasses on vital points as EQ, mastering, MP3 making, using chords and adding automation to your tracks. These are the main industry "professional" building blocks that you incorporate into your music. (pages 111-143).

  • Power Stage 4. Every Sound, every loop, every beat...that you could ever want.

I will show you how to find free professional sounds, any sound that you want. How to create your own sounds, how to find free full versions of $1000 equipment, and how to use this knowledge to set up a profitable business (pages 144-169).

  • Power Stage 5. Your Ultimate Music Site.

Your music is useless without a website. Here I explain everything you need to know about how to build a search engine friendly web site so people can find you faster, and for free. I will also show you how to get pages into the number one search slot of any engine. I go from the start to the finish explaining how to build your site from the ground up...easily. (pages 170-181).

  • Power Stage 6. The most comprehensive music marketing package...ever. No website and no money? Great!

By using free techniques you will be able to send thousands of screaming downloaders to your site. I will show you how to get into iTunes, how to get people to sell your music. I will even show you how to become a downloading success even without a website...all for free.


Please note, just by clicking on 3 buttons and under the artist name of "SuperDuel", I rose from Number 18 to Number 3 in the Internet charts, out of 18,305 songs...in 1 day! With one more day, I have reached number 1! See the screen grab below:


After four weeks...I was still at number 1!

Check out my new song ( Stop20). Within 3 days it got to Number 3,  it is now comfortably staying in the charts from position 5 and up. I haven't even done any promotional work.               


I created these music pieces for a YouTube film

The director came to me and asked "I want two tracks, one soft and one more up beat in an 80s type of style". I need them soon. The 2 tracks that were used in this film were created from idea, to getting sounds through to making the tracks in just 6 hours. The director was happy and will use my work all the time in any future productions.


Each one of the Beginners Guide to Techno Music Making Power Stages contains HIGHLY detailed information on exactly what you need to do to accomplish that particular step.

In addition, each Stage contains links to the Web sites of essential free products and services that I use to accomplish each task. (I've eliminated all of the riff-raff during my testing so you only get the final "best-of-breed" solutions here).


See what other people thought of the Beginners Guide:

A very comprehensive and informative guide...

Dominic Hough has written a very comprehensive and informative guide that can help get someone started in making electronic music. He also provides a roadmap to getting your music out to be discovered, heard and hopefully purchased by a new and appreciative audience. There are great references and some very obvious things that beginners and people who are bit further along might overlook or forget about. Even for those who have been doing this for a while, it's a great refresher about some of the basics and essentials that should be paid attention to at all times.

You can't understate or underestimate the importance of marketing at almost every level. If you have a wonderful song, but no one knows about or hears it, it's a loss for everyone.

Recommended for people starting out, people who are thinking about starting out, as well as those who have been doing this for a while.

Well done.

David Roundsley
Munich Syndrome


Loads of content...didn't bore me at all...

"There is loads of content, how long did this take? I go through the book, reading it, VERY well laid out, and to be flat out honest it doesnt bore me at all since it was wrote to keep me intrigued."

Simon Roemer
Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.


Even my 13 yr old son is looking at all your tips n tricks and he is coming on...

Hi Dominic. 

We need new young home composers just to keep the electronica genre going. All i can say is you are doing good, keep up the good work, even my 13 yr old son is looking at all your tips n tricks and he is coming on...so i say if its good enough for my son, its good enough for everybody.

ZE-TEK4 / DJ PJMinty


Very detailed information from someone who obviously knows a lot about music creation and marketing...

Hi Dominic

Just reading your free trial on techno music making and I was surprised at how much information there was in just that one section, it must have taken ages to write. A guide as good as this could benefit any musician even if they think they are fairly successful.

People could easily learn to earn more or get their music recognised by a larger audience from some tips and tricks and some very detailed information from someone who obviously knows a lot about music creation and marketing.

I really appreciate all the work and effort you put into your site and your ebooks.

The ebook is at a very reasonable price. I would highly reccomend this guide to anyone who is serious about their music and want to be heard by more people. I have quite a few people who ask me for help just because I am fairly popular on Soundclick but that doesn't make me an expert so hopefully now more people will buy your guide than keep pestering me and they will learn a lot more. I have even put a link on my soundclick page to your site as I find your website a brilliant source of information to anyone who is interested in making Dance or Techno.




You've put a ton of valuable stuff in there...

Hey Man!

I downloaded you book last nigh, wow...you've put a ton of valuable stuff in there

I have been devouring your bible since last night and I'm blown away. Thanks for sharing such great stuff. It's easily worth more than $10

Thanks man!



"The most complete guide to techno music making that you will find anywhere"

The best aspect of this techno music making ebook is that YOU can do it, just like me. It doesn't take long, you do not need super kit, you do not need music theory, and all jargon is banned.

Ontop of all the tips and underground secrets, everything is backed-up with an extreme amount of examples, how-tos, pictures, and guides.

The ebook is written with you in mind. Over 250 music building pages come complete with all the relevant, laser targeted information that you will need to succeed.

The Internet is gasping out for people who can make top techno songs, there is a huge desire for music that just can not be quenched. Grab this opportunity now!

Check out this part one of an intro tune that was done under 2 hours:

But The Complete Beginners Bible to techno music making is just for starters. Apart from the bonuses that are littered throughout the ebook, totalling well over $1000, I will also throw in 7 totally free bonuses that will skyrocket your top techno music downloads and make your music hits.

The Internet is gasping out for people who can make top techno songs, there is a huge desire for music that just can not be quenched. Grab this opportunity now!


But Wait...I Have 7 Super Bonuses For You

Your Techno Music Making Bible Super Bonus #1. Worth $19.95

The 5 best free, music making MONEY opportunities.


If you have the Internet, my guides and this extra ebook then you already have 5 music businesses ready and waiting. Discover how you can become a instant resource for your local area then turn it into an Internet smash.

Heres what happened with one technique: Some sites out there have spend thousands on professional software to give them the "only sound around", you have got the guides to become the premier sound site using free professional software and a little "know how". These sound sites are raking in thousands of dollars a month by just producing beats and loops. 

There is absolutely no "get rich quick schemes", all have been tested and work just fine. Set them up, and then let them run...to make you money with the music making that you enjoy.

Additionally, don't do any work at all! Get a legion of people willing to sell your music for you, for free. I will also throw in a free 800 page ebook. This free ebook will detail every aspect of just one of the music money making opportunities.




Your Techno Music Making Bible Super Bonus #2. Worth $12.95

This is such a great bonus as I will show you exactly what forgotten ideas are the biggest traffic generators for your techno music making. This is not an ebook that has got regurgitated traffic generating techniques. This is music specific- to get legions of fans to your site and to get hungry downloaders begging for your tracks.


In all the proven examples you can get thousands of QUALIFIED music visitors to your site.

You will also get details on where to place your new traffic hungry techno music creations to get maximum, targeted exposure.

One techno music making site that uses this technique gets 100,000 downloads per month.




Your Techno Music Making BibleSuper Bonus #3. Worth $14.95

Ever wanted some cool, original beats and loops for your music? You will have free access to royalty free, totally yours, drum loops.

I know how hard it is when you are just starting out. So I have created well over 100 loops of Trance, Dance, DnB and dark Techno for your to make your own tunes with. 


I have also incorporated an industry technique of build ups. When you listen to some big loops you wonder where you can get the smaller/ less intense loops that make up that one big loop? 

These smaller, less intrusive loops, can be used within your tracks...and then BANG! into the main big loop as a chorus. I have make available these smaller loops and the big loops for you.

Please note: All are at CD quality, none are ripped, and all are 100% pure electronic music. They have been professionally treated and created. These can not be found anywhere else on the Internet. 




Your Techno Music Making Bible Super Bonus #4. Worth $3.95 per sale

I will give you access to the inner workings of my track TimeToTell for free.

This is an amazing opportunity to have a proven track that has had some great placements (number one) in the Internet charts.

You will be able to chop and change various parts, use all the sounds, and rip various sections from the track.

The track will become yours, for free, no copyright. Remix it, do what ever you like- it will be yours.




Your Techno Music Making Bible Super Bonus #5. The Complete Beginners Guide to Mastering MySpace - Worth $14.95

MySpace is huge, and you need to be part of it. But MySpace is not just about placing your song onto a heavily trafficed site. MySpace has got more "professional" with commercial artists clambering for those ever precious friends....so you need to do it right.



Here is just a few points that this great Bonus will help you with:

technomusicmakingSorting out your MySpace music page- grabbing everyone in sight and getting them to download your music

technomusicmakingObtaining the right friends

technomusicmaking Getting friends, keeping them and getting them to be your ARMY of MySpace friends

technomusicmakingShowing what you should do at the very start of MySpace- heck, it sounds so simple, but you will be amazed at how many people forget to do this one simple thing

technomusicmakingWhat commercial artists do that is rarely seen. This one is a safety plan that protects them from possible MySpace fallout...remember MP3.com?

technomusicmakingHow to manage your songs. by arranging your songs in such a way, you can get better downloads and comments.

technomusicmakingA simple way to get around MySpace's 4 song limit. All legal- your MySpace Music page could show all your tracks if you want

technomusicmakingThe ultimate viral marketing technique. Reach thousands of prospective listeners by doing 2 minutes work.

technomusicmaking How to contact record companies

technomusicmakingYour top 8- alot is said about this little list- but it is sheer golden real estate! This is one of your tickets to success. I will show you how to use the 8 wisely, and getting them to atract loads of targetedfrinds to your MySpace music page.

technomusicmaking Whore trains, and why you should never use them.

Do you want to sell this item yourself? Check out the master resale rights for this product here.



Your Techno Music Making Bible Super Bonus #6. The Complete Beginners Guide to Conquering SoundClick - Worth $12.95


technomusicmakingClassed by Alexia as the "best site for unsigned artists"- learn the trick and tips to get you to number one...easily and for free.

technomusicmakingLearn from artists who have just got album deals, game music published...how they actually did it.

technomusicmakingLearn the mistakes that top artists see "novices" doing, and avoid them. Save yourself weeks of pointless music marketing.

technomusicmakingLearn what works and what doesn't- you'll be very surprised at what the top artists state.

Do you want to sell this item yourself? Check out the master resale rights for this product here.



Your Techno Music Making Bible Super Bonus #7. Free watchable complementary videos - Worth $34.95

technomusicmakingOver 4 hours of tutorials

technomusicmakingDon't know where to start? That fine! The music making tutorials show you the basics, work with you step-by-step until we create a beat, bassline and synth lead.

technomusicmakingWant to make a track in an 60 mins? I will show you how to make a fully functional track that you can use.

technomusicmakingTotally free future updates.

technomusicmakingAll videos are in large 800 X 600 screen grabs- no "camera pointing at the screen" videos! Oh, and NO Youtube videos.


How to succeed in techno music making? How do you make top techno songs…with ease?

The Beginners Bible makes it so.

With proven strategies, downloads, tips, tricks and a whole host of guides, the Beginners Bible is your complete reference book to crack into the electronic music business.

For as little as $10  you can be knocking out your own professional electronic music with ease- creating your own CDs...and selling them!

I will even show you money making ideas, and if you accomplish just 1 of the ideas within the ebook, your money will be made back.

I am confident that you will succeed and do well and become a techno music making master.

I believe you will be inspired by this guide - and that when you begin using these strategies to make, market and sell your music.

"You Can Not Argue With This Insane Price...$10...just look at what you get!"


Why Is All This So Cheap?

I am one of a few people on the Internet (check out major marketing sites to see that they don't think like this) that believe that ebooks should be at a reduced price compared to print books- not a higher price. There is:

no shipping,

no handling

no overheads

no printers

no stock

So it really bugs me that ebooks are so expensive, especially to customers who can't afford $20+. I know I couldn't afford some of the ebooks out there that I wanted and now that I am in a position to provide an ebook package it would be wrong to follow this ludicrous high pricing. So try it out for free,  you have an iron clad, steel made 80 day money back guarantee!


The Other Bonus.

As well as the 7 free bonuses that come with the 250+ page ebook, you get another bonus, of $500 value: Direct email with me, the maker of the ebook. Got a problem? Just email me. Putting you in contact with the developer of this ebook gives you the exact knowledge that you need.

I am not like other sellers and leave you high and try. I am there, a question specific email address away answering your music making questions. 



Dominic Hough
Author "The Complete Beginners Bible: Make, Market and Sell Your Own Techno Songs"


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All email addresses are kept on a secure server that is only accessed by me. You will only get an email from me if I think there is something you need to know or if I am responding to you with questions. I give everyone who buys the Beginners Bible a special "questions" email address so that questions can be asked at any time. I have never, and will never rent, sell or give your email address, or any other personal details to anyone, or anything. 


P.S. Techno Music Making within minutes

Immediately following payment you will be able to download your eBook, and your Free Loops. The Complete Beginners Bible: Make Top Techno Songs...NOW is a large ebook (20MB), packed full of tips, downloads, articles, interviews and guides.

The eBook is created in Adobe Acrobat file format. (PDF file). If you don't have the Adobe software for this file, you can download and install it for free.





If for any reason you don't agree that this is the most complete and useful guide you've ever received on the subject of making top techno songs , just email me within 8 weeks from your date of purchase - and I'll issue you a 100% refund immediately.

You have 8 full weeks to read and apply every success tip, strategy, and secret I've discovered over the past 20 years of my own techno music making. If you're not completely satisfied with this comprehensive guide, just ask for (and receive) an immediate, 100% refund.


P.P.P.S. Have 2 SUPER FREE gifts from me to you right now!

FIRST FREE GIFT:For a special gift, you are more than welcome to download the first chapter of the Complete Techno Music Making Guide all for free, with all Internet links, tips, and secrets laid out for you.

Right click, then "save target as" and then save the ebook to your hardrive. You can download Techno Music Making FREE TRIAL Ebook HERE.

The eBook is created in Adobe Acrobat file format. (PDF file). If you don't have the Adobe software for this file, you can download and install it for free.

SECOND FREE GIFT: I have some top techno loops for you to download, all for free. "Right click" on this link and then press "save target as" and save it to your hardrive. Double click on the now downloaded file (called SampleBeats.exe) and place the loops where you want.


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