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Listed are the best techno music books that will bash your way to music success

I have been asked constantly about what techno music books are the best for the beginner? It is a very hard question as most people will learn from different methods. For instance, I love pictures and film...I learn better that way, rather than looking at words. But thats me.

So I have tried to list a variety of music education packages. So some are DVD some are print book and some are ebooks. It is not an exhaustive list at all. I could list loads of books for good coverage but that would be unfair as some are shockingly bad ;)

They are listed in no particular order:

Techno Music Books: 20 Money Making Music Blue Prints.


Ahh not another money making book. Well no this one is different. It doesn't state that you will make tons of cash within a day or even a week. What it does do is give you realistic blue-prints that offer the beginner an opportunity to get some money.

This ebook was produced with the person who is buying hosting or trying to sell their music from their site and not making anything...and losing money constantly. There is a way out of it.

The ebook is totally free. It can be checked out here.

Techno Music Books: The Beginners Bible To Techno Music Making...and Profit.


If you want to know anything about making your own tunes, selling them and making extra profit then this is the most practical "all-in-one" best value for money ebook out there. Featuring a 20MB ebook, 4 hours+ of video, 5 bonus ebooks, and over 100 free pro samples.

It is very comprehensive and "down to earth" compared with any ebook around (e.g. highlighting only marketing techniques that you need, or advising on the simplest routes to creating tracks). You don't need any music equipment, any knowledge of music making, or any other book to complement it (as it comes with a whole host of ebooks to help you).

If you want to check out why so many beginners are making techno easily and quickly, click here for the collection of Beginners Guide techno music books + bonuses.

Galaris- The Musicians Directory

technoebook- galaris

If you want to know every record label, every contact via a search method taking in geography, then Galaris is the real deal. Do you know those obscure labels where an artist has been signed to? More than likely it came from Galaris. Its more than a techno music ebook, it is a solid reference system. You can check out the main website here.

The Record Label Business Plan

technoebook- business plan.

There are alot of people asking about record labels. If you want to start one up then The Business Plan is a safe bet. Apart from all the documents that come with it, it also offers cool software. For instance it gives you the ability to start a music portal so that you can gather your musicians together in one area- and promote them with your own web address.

This is a complete package and quite hefty in size. you can check out their main site here

Learn How To Play the Drums


Now I don't know about you but trying to find a good drumming course is hard. Some people can't use the camera, some people play too loud and some will ultimately will not know what they are doing.

If you want to play the drums there is only one place to go. Drums101 is a superb source of drum making that has video and ebooks bursting at the seams. Recommended so check it out here.

Reason 3.0 In-Depth Beginner Level DVD

Reason 3.0 In-Depth Beginner Level DVD

There are many book and DVDs about Reason, it is a celebrity in its own right. This package is new (2007) so it covers everything that you need to start and finish a production. I find the official manual of Reason just too plain and with an application of this size, it is not only needed but recommended to have a follow-by-numbers DVD. It is not the cheapest DVDs but I believe it is the most comprehensive. It can be found here

Techno Music Books: Power Tools For Reason

Power Tools for Reason 3.0

Now this is a power book. It is comprehensive...vastly. it is made by Kurt Kurasaki, a guy who actually makes refills (Reason Top-Ups)...so quite an authority. It is really indepth. If you want to know about A Vocoder, Kurt will tell you, but he will also go into depth about how it actually works. A CD comes with the book that has extra samples, patches, demo songs and general songs attached. Great book if you want to know how and why you are doing what you are doing. It can be found here.

If you want a tips and tricks book...the best one bar none is Propellerhead Reason Tips and Tricks.

Techno Music Books: Beginners Guide To Becominig A Music Theory Master

easy music theory

If you want to know anything about music theory then this is your book. It comes with exercises, pictures and an easy way of explaining this topic that can make your music much better. It also comes free with a piano ebook. Bargain. Check it out here: Beginners Guide To Becominig A Music Theory Master.

Techno Music Books: Beginners Guide To Becominig A Piano Playing Master

easy piano playing

The Piano can be easy or hard to learn. With the Beginners Guide To Becoming A Piano Playing Master it is simple. With exercises besigned with ease in mind and text and pictures to ease you into the subject, there is no easier, or cheaper guide. The bonus is that this book features a free Music Theory ebook as well. Check it out here: Beginners Guide To Becominig A Piano Playing Master.

Techno Music Books Remixers Bible

The Remixer's Bible

This is a collection of interviews and tips from Keyboard Magazine- which in itself is a cool dedicated music mag. The book comes with a CD with actual remix sessions from artists like Coldcut, Gabriel & Dresden, Jacinta, and Meat Beat Manifesto. The book is full of tips. Recommended to expand your remix knowledge. Click here to check it out.