Earn More Money Than Me With The Techno Music Affiliate Programme.

...but first, what will you get?

From: Dominic Hough

Hi there!

I want to share in the success of the Beginner Bible, so I am offering you the chance to earn some cash.


"Earn Cash?" 

Yep, by putting one of our links into you emails, blog, website, ebooks etc and if someone buys the Beginners Bible from clicking through one of your links you get a comission for that sale.


"Affiliate What?"

An affiliate is not a new thing. Amazon has been using affiliate programmes for years and alot of sites offer their own affiliate packages.

If you join the techno music affiliate programme (which is free to do) then you get a special code.

As mentioned above, when someone clicks on that coded link and they buy from you, you get a credit for that sale and a percentage.

For the techno music affiliate programme your percent is 60%.

You will receive more money than I will.


"How Much Do I Get?"

So lets do the maths. If someone buys 1 Beginners Bible, you then get $6 (60% of $10). Minus $1 for the ClickBanks admin fee, so you get $5 per sale. Not much you may say but.

The amount of stuff that is offered within the package, a respected name, AND with a "no brainer price",  is just money to the bank!

So sell 10 a month and you get a check for $50 for doing nothing. If you continue that through the year, you will get $600.

So if you sell 10 more a month, so thats 20/ month. You will get $1200/ year.


So I Really Do Nothing?

Apart from putting links down, no, you don't do anything. I host the ebook and videos. Clickbank deals with your checks and your stats so you just have to sit back- so there is no expense for you. Because it is free to join up, you don't lose any money. You only get paid when someone buys through your links.


What Are Your Stats?

The techno music affiliate programme has some impressive stats. The whole package is solid. I offer:

  • an 80 day money back gurantee,
  • no music knowledge needed
  • 4 hours of video tutorials
  • 5 free bonus ebooks
  • 100+ free loops
  • A complete beginners ebook with over 250 pages of tips and power guides.


I Like What I Hear, How Do I Set This Up?

Clickbank provides the affiliate network. So you need to set up a free account with them. You will then make up a nickname to put into your links. Your nickname is used to give you proper credit for the sale.

Clickbank will also show you how to make links and give you some tips on how to sell. But if you check down this screen, I have done some of that for you.

So if you want to join up, CLICK HERE.


So How Do I Sell?

That is the key isn't it. A blatant advert (like a banner ad) won't give you many clicks and therefore sales. People don't like to be sold to like that.

People need to know what they are getting. So your links need to be imbedded within text about the Beginners Bible.

Recommendation is the main way that affiliate earn their cash. That is why testimonials work so well when you see companies sell something- there is nothing like that "personnal touch" to sell. Preselling your affiliate links is a fantastic way and probably only way to get the click. Write an article, write a tutorial and get people interested in the product- this is pre-selling.

If you tell people what they are going to get, i.e. an Ebook, then you are preparing them to buy something, to pay for a service. This is the common reason for poor conversion rates and poor sales- customers do not know what they are going to get and you lose a sale. They want to see something working, they want to see what you can achive etc.

Your click through rate (from your link to the sales page) will be lower but your will have a better conversion rate (turning browsers in to buyers) which means more sales because these customers are being pre-informed and therefore pre-sold. If you just advertise the Beginners Guide you will have alot of people clicking through but you will have a poor conversion rate.

You might have read about "earn millions in 14 days or your money back" affiliates. These don't work and by putting links on your site to affiliates will not earn you millions.

The more pre-selling work you put in the better results you will get.

By promoting your links through recommendations and ways that prove to the customer that what you have is good stuff and just not blatant advertising will work far better for you.



Regards, and good luck.

Dominic Hough.

Webmaster of: http://www.make-your-own-dance-and-techno-songs.com. Head of: The Techno Music Affiliate Programme.