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Had enough of expensive techno making software? So have I, so check out the cheapest (yet powerful) tools below.

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It comes to a point where you can't find the best and cheapest techno making software on a "free Internet" because software houses have advertised their product so much that the market knows no other way to produce music.

This then allows the magazines to promote and to "follow the crowd". Most music makers know about Ableton, FL Studio, Reason, Cubase etc. But below are the hidden gems, techno music making packages that won't cost you a bundle yet produce some kickin' sounds.

And if there is one thing to remember it is this: An increased cost in software doesn't mean an increased Oommph in power.

With a little know-how and added bits of free software you can create similar if not the same music as power bundles. For example. Calvin Harris of Acceptible in the 80s fame (cool track with an infectious lead) used OctaMed on the Amiga and got into the Top 10 in the Uk. He is now helping Kylie with her music...

So in no particular some of the best techno making software (in no order).



Looking very similar to Sony's Acid Pro, however Reaper is much cheaper ($40 for non commercial use). It supports VSTs, MIDI and USB. It is Windows only. It can be checked out here. You can download a time limited version of the software and the download is only 2.5MB.

You can check out some YouTube footage about starting up in Reaper. It can be played below. There are quite a few parts and the tutorials are well put together.



This software looks like Cubase and Ableton mixed together. It seems very complicated, but it is not. There are some video footage of Podium at work, which can be found here. Podium sells for $90, and what you get with the software (too much to mention, check out the above link), it is certainly very cheap.



This techno making bit of software is your Fruity Loops (Fl Studio) beater. It looks good and its price is very cheap ($50). The cool thing is that it can work with Acid and Garage Band loops. Also loads in VSTs and can burn off to CD. There is a quick YouTube footage of how to create a track quickly and can be found here:

You can try it out here

Sony's AcidExpress.


It is hard to imagine that Sony will "give away" a techno making product, but that is what they have done. Acid Express is a cool little bit of software that looks surprisingly like MixCraft. I have made a small tutorial which can be found here. Check it out as it is just drag and drop music making.

If you want a full tutorial in how to make your own tracks with ease and an even cheaper cost. Check out this techno making ebook.