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We have all heard someones ringtone, but how do we sell ringtones simply and get some major profit?

To sell ringtones is not that easy. Most people who actually start this business actually don't have any ringtones themselves! Strange but true. They it is an easy market to tap into, but they are wrong.

Stage 1. Enjoy/ Collect/ Hang around with people who enjoy tones.

What we must do first of all is to enjoy ringtones. I know plenty of people who "collect" ringtones, and they have some of the most bizzare yet really cool tones. Some of the sounds I have to admit I wouldn't of thought about it as a ringtone, but some of these obscure tones work, and work well.

Stage 2. Find out what tones are selling well.

This sounds really easy, but it is not. You see, you may find that chart music is selling well, but due to copyright, you can not sell those. Run over to a popular ringtone site, like Jamster! and check out their favourite/ popular ringtones. See what I mean? Alot of chart acts.

However, what we can do though is ask our friends, check out what they have on their phone. Alot of people don't use this specific band of people, and I am not sure why. Most will have chart acts, but others will have sound effects and others will have pictures. These are simple to make. Especially when someone has an airplane sound as a ringtone?!

Most sound effects can be found on the Internet for free - there are even free voice programes that if you write in a message it talks in "computer voice". Pictures can be made simply in any paint programe, or even found on free sites on the Internet. They just need to be "touched up" or blended with another picture to become useful.

What I would do is group up tones and wallpapers in themed groups. So for example, "Calming", and have wave, wind and bird sounds etc.

When you do get something then upload it to your phone and then play it at work or around your friends. If they like it, great, if not, why not? Ask and then re-touch or re-do. ringtones are about feedback and spreading. If people do not like your tone and you do, well, the tone won't go far and you won sell ringtones. If you want to build some tones then you can click on this link to make MP3 tones.

Most new phones now have full MP3 creation function. but if you want to sell ringtones, then try out Sherpa. It offers worldwide coverage, and not just US. Please note, the link is not an affiliate link. I think it is just one of the better software sites around at the moment.

Stage 3. The marketing part.

When you have some tones that have passed the "test", give them away. I know that this sounds odd, but because we are unknown you need to give them away- so that people will trust you. For example in the Uk, Prince gave away his new ablbum within a newspaper. People thought he was mad, but in doing so he open his whole back catalogue up to new listeners.

You could even remix some chart tracks/ film scores and give them away for free?

So this is what you need to do. Give a whole load of ringtones and pictures away for free. People enjoy them, then people buy your ringtones. However there is a twist. What most people do is sell individual tones. That is silly. What is a seemingly obvious wild idea is to sell ringtones and graphics in a bulk.

You create a stack of ringtones and a stack of graphics (e.g. 101 ringtones and wallpapers) and then sell the bulk amount for $2-3, nothing more. This way people see a vast amount of stuff at a really cheap rate. How do you sell stuff in the first place, also without a credit card? Thats easy. Through Clickbank.

You see Clickbank is usually used for electronic good like ebooks and software and 100,000+ products catalogued prove this - so why can't you sell ringtones? You set up your Clickbank account, and then aim people towards your products. Clickbank sorts everything out on the payment side, and you sit back. They send you a check twice a month. It is such a simple system, but it has to be, your system needs to be on autopilot so you can concentrate on building up your site and traffic generation.

Stage 4. The back end sale and how to increase your income by 100%+.

Once you get people to buy your goods, which takes time, good work and traffic you then get email addresses. You know these people like ringtones (you did sell ringtones and wallpaper to them) so you follow up the sale with an affiliate link to one of the main ringtone sites, like Jamster!

Remember autopilot. So this is done via an autoresponder and it should be set to about 1-2 weeks after the initial sale. In your automated email you will need to give write an article about ringtones (this will make the email wrothwhile and not just a blatent sales pitch) and then promote the idea of chart ringtones to get that elusive clickthrough. But, out of the amount of people who bought your ringtone/ wallpaper product about 10% will go on then to buy through your affiliate link.

Jamster! offers a minimum payout of $5 per sign-up. So in the end your $2-3 per sale has now become a minimum sale of $5, doubling your profits.

Check out other marketing methods in how to sell ringtones.