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How To Sell Music On iTunes, Napster and Amazon.

To sell music properly you need three things:

1- A fan base who likes your music and is willing to pay for it

2- Your music is based on something that people enjoy and like.

3- It has to be good.

If you believe that people will just buy your music because you put it online then you are mistaken. However if the above three are used, either singularly or together (making sure your music is good is always ticked off) then you will have a better chance of a bought download.

We all know that to sell music you can do it on your own site. But it doesn't hurt to get a little more coverage.

So when you start to sell music on the big portals the problem comes in the fact that when someone types into the search engine they don't actually type your group name in.

What they do is type in soundsalike names. You will get more visitors if you, instead of having Internet search keywords, you actually have, what I call, music searched keywords.

Most music sites have the facility to have a "soundalike" function attached to their search engine and when you set up your music account you actually type in who your music soundslike, or "keywords" for people to find your music.

This is incredibly important...if you type in your band name as the main keyword it is unlikely that you will sell music.

However if you adjust your keywords to state specific artists, or what actually people look up in search engines then your chance of making a sale is increased. If your music is spookily like Tiesto and you have search keywords that say Tiesto, then a Tiesto fan is more than likely to find your Tiesto music.

One word of warning though. if your music sounds nothing like Tiesto, then don't type that in as a keyword. He gets lots of traffic, but that is not a good way to drive people to your music. Know who your audience is and what they listen to- you must have musical influences. They will be your keywords.

So there are 2 main sites that will deliver your music to iTunes and one that will deliver to every major portal that you need to sell music.

CDBaby will deliver your music to iTunes if you subscribe to them.

For a sign up fee you can Sell music with SongCast and they will make sure your music is on iTunes, AmazonMP3, Napster, eMusic, Rhapsody and Yahoo!Music.