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Increase traffic and profits, RSS is the new and simple technology.

There is something causing quite a stir in Internet land. RSS has caused sites to see an increase in traffic by 50-100%, and profits double.

This technology could be so big that the playing field between the small bedroom company and the big companies will become truly level. The technology is quite new, the people who are using it are reaping the rewards of unhindered, non-competing web site access. The BBC and Yahoo! seem to know what it is as they have feeds on their site.

You will probably notice the little orange buttons on the left of the screen. RSS is one of the buttons and it is this that is causing quite a stir in Internet land.

First up, I did not know what RSS was, so in ignorance I didn't bother to check out the "What is RSS" link. I know that some people know what it is, and most of them are real heavy duty Internet users, but what about the rest of Internet land, the majority of users who do not know what RSS is?

RSS (we shall call it Really Simple Syndication, it has other names, but we shall stick with this for ease), is a real easy way to get any sort of information, about your site, to your readers...easily, and without spam. An unheard of concept, but really revolutionary.

There are huge possiblities regarding Really Simple Syndication for any site, and that is why I have written this article. I want you to realise the possibilities about this technology- how explosive it could easily be, and to help your site reach a wider audience. I feel that this new technology is too important an Internet tool for your site not to have it. So just reading this article is going to give your site a HUGE push in the right direction!

So what can this Really Simple Syndication offer your site and your marketing plan?

It is a new way to get information (or programes, MP3s etc) to your readers.

You can insert affiliate links within a text feed to make you some cash.

You can reach a huge, limitless audience by syndication. A website just needs to apply your RSS to their site and you have a much more wider audience. How about if other websites follow suit = loads of free targeted traffic to your site.

You can target non-subscribing news-letter users

It is totally free

RSS doesn't get blocked by spam filters

A user is alerted automatically to when your site is updated, or if you have a competition or some sort of promotion going etc.

Adding a feed to your site also seems to improve the page ranking of Yahoo and MSN, whether this is related to you promoting their MY Yahoo and MY MSN, or RSS sites are predominantly

With all these plus points RSS is turning out to be really good. And all those reasons are why you shouldn't be left out in the cold. It is a new technology that hasn't been really used by the "big boys" at the moment, therefore your competition is way behind.

I have found a great free guide that tells you straight down the line in no jargon, the basics of how to set up your own RSS feed, My MSN, and My Yahoo then click here to read the definitive, free guide (you can also download free tools and see how to market your own RSS).

Good luck!