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Promotional flyers are a very easy method of free advertisement.

To make promotional flyers, you need: a word processor and printer and that is all you need. Just design a simple, basic promotional flyer stating your name, music style, where to get hold of you (web address), and a small 4-5 word term to sum you up, and that's it!

Don't get too fancy with the graphics on the flyer, or use too much colour, it has to be striking, and memorable in that first glance. So use FREE, CASH, YOU, and any other similar terms that gets your attention. Make sure that you use simple fonts as well, Calligraphy fonts and strange "out there" fonts will distract, confuse, and will not get your message across

Make sure that you make 2 flyers fit on an A4 page- it cuts down on cost that's all.

Just print off the flyers and there you have it. Now just go to relevant concerts, gigs or events and either 1) distribute to people going into or out of the building, 2) attach to car windshields, or 3) attach to trees.

Once you have exhausted your supply, print some more off. Don't be complacent, go back and do the same again. Sure most people will throw away your promotional flyers, or will not act upon it, but that doesn't matter. You will get some depending on how many you distributed, who (if your site is good) will tell friends, and their friends will tell others

You must be persistent though, one promotional flyer spread is not enough, you need to do it at the same and at different venues to make an impact. Try it, it is an easy method of advertising.

To get better results, sit down and list who is your target audience, including age. Now list where would you find these people. Try to make it exhaustive as this will be your marketing target area. I have listed various areas where you could go depending upon your taget group.

So where else do we put them? Well, how about where you live, where you work, were you go to school?

Putting your prootional flyers in places where your audience could be is the best and really only way to encourage traffic to your site. Put them up on your works billboard, or in the halls of your school. There are notice boards in all public places, and a majority of them offer space for free. If you are of non-school age, you probably have a nephew, or son/ daughter that could put your promotional flyers in targeted places for you.

Go to local game arcades, and malls (handing out your flyer to a rough target age group).

Going door-to-door will make your promotional flyers target home owners who need your products, or have teenagers who have a need for your products.

Placing your promotional flyers in a certain radius from your house saves on time and also distribution costs, it is blanket marketing however, hoping someone in that household will log onto your site.

As a side point, there are also free magazines, and some pay magazines that offer free advertisiement space in their classified sections. Put a small message regarding your site in there- highlighting the main attractions to your site. Classified advertisements on web sites are really hit and miss, your ad could easily be swamped by the huge amount of ads that are placed. It has got so common now, that ads are just being overlooked. Unless it is a topic specific web site, such as the classified directory listings in SoMusical , leave the general web based classified ads alone.

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