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So what are the most popular techno songs ever?

The most popular techno songs ever is a big statement. Any site that states that they have the best top techno hits around is very subjective. Here I have listed the most popular techno songs ever by means of using chart data, and critic reviews . They have notched up international sales and are listed from 2005- 1980 from a top 20 list of general songs, therefore in some years there could well be no chart listing. All are true classics, the most popular, and are very successful. There is a little review by the side of some of the ones I especially like.

The most popular techno songs of 2005.

The most popular techno songs of 2003:

Junior Senior- Move your feet. A great little number that proved very popular due to its low resolution computer graphic video. Very catchy and a club classic.

The most popular techno songs of 2001:

Basement Jaxx- Where's your head at, Romeo. Again the video is the key to alot of these tracks mentioned. A strange one for Wheres your head at, but the music is dub club with some cool effects and beats to chug this classic along. I am not really a fan of Romeo, so I can't mention it :)

Royksopp- Eple, Royksopps Night Out. Eple starts out with some funky beats with a electric xylophone (best way to describe it) tinkling away with some good power chords playing. Night out features a jittery/ skippy beats and is a little bit darker than Eple. It has been used on ads, and features some nice orchestra stabs 'n strings and cool effects. Its a shame that So Easy is not on the list. I think its much better than the other two songs listed and was Royksopps first major commercial success. Here is Night Out:

The most popular techno songs of 1999:

Aphex Twin- Window Licker

Moby- Why does my heart

Basement Jaxx- Rendevous- A great track with some lovely "robotic singing", with some great guitar work with pounding drums.

The most popular techno songs of 1998:

Fatboy Slim- Rockerfella Shank- The whole concept of splitting, mashing up 50s and 60s tracks then putting great beats and synths behind them was done perfectly by old FbS. Thats what we have here, some great DJ'd vocals mixed beautifully behind some kicking beats. Made FbS really popular.

The most popular techno songs of 1997:

The Chemical Brothers- Block Rocking Beats.

The Prodigy- Smack my bitch up. Pure hardcore, that showed everyone that the Prodigy still had it. Great music, harsh and with some really cool hooks.

The most popular techno songs of 1996:

The Chemical Brothers- Setting sun

The Prodigy- Firestarter, Breathe. Firestarter made the Prodigy really commercial and can be classed as one of their signature songs. It still gets played today on the music channels. It also introduced people to Keith Flint, the madman singer of the track.

Orbital- The box

The most popular techno songs of 1995:

Underworld- Born Slippy. OOh yeah, what a thumping beat this has and it carries the whole song, everything just fits nicely, recommended.

Josh Wink- Higer State of Conciousness. Just a TB303 track that builds up and builds up- a great tune, and it got into the top 20 of 1995 shows what a dominant force the TB303 has on music at that time. here is a UK Acid Remix:

The most popular techno songs of 1994:

Portisthead- Sour times. Came from a really inspirational album that was revolutionary and way ahead of its time- Dummy (thats the title).

Nine Inch Nails- Closer. I really like NIN, and this track is just great. I prefer the album Further Down The Spiral for pure harsh techno greatness.

The Sabres of Paradise- Wilmot

The most popular techno songs of 1993:

Underworld- Rez, Cowgirl.

The Sabres of Paradise- SmokeBelch II.

Aphex Twin- ON

The most popular techno songs of 1992:

Aphex Twin- Digeridoo. Now this is just that, a really cool digeridoo over some great techno beats. Aphex may sound weird, but musically he can not be faulted- he is a genius and in that sence his music is well beyond original- he has his own style, now thats original.

The Future Sound of London- Papua New Guinea. I don't know if this is the year of originality, but these guys were simply great. Cool skippy drum over some great ethnic chants and synth swirls, has been copied over and over again but really never been beaten, even now.

Hardfloor- Acaperience. Another original group. The TB303 group really. Tonnes of squelches and bleeps over a skippy beat. These were the pioneers of the little acid box (they had 6 linked up together) and made commercial techno.

The most popular techno songs of 1991:

Moby- Go.

The KLF- Justified and Ancient, 3 am Eternal. I really love the KLF, I listen to their White Room album religiously. Both these tracks deserve to be where they are. On minimal kit the two guys of The KLF made the most commercial, most hooked and most unageing techno around. Last Train to Transcentral should be on the list, it doesnt let up with those merciless beats.

The most popular techno songs of 1990:

Orbital- Chime

The most popular techno songs of 1989:

Depeche Mode- Personal Jesus. This is great electro pop. It has a great tribally beat with a nice middle break. It also comes from the phenominal album Violator.

808 State- Pacific State. A great anthem techno track that had an upsurge in the 90s and is on most compilations from that time. Comes from a group who were leading techno music towards commercial recognition, and using Bernard Sumner and Bjork gave them even more credability. I prefer the ablum Ex.El, whcih is more polished and has great tracks such as Cubik and In yer Face.

The most popular techno songs of 1988:

S'Express- Theme from S'Express. More of a "use loads of cool loops and samples" track that had a really cool remix (Tony DeVit remix is really good). Was a good club song.

The most popular techno songs of 1987:

M/A/R/R/S- Pump up the Volume. A cool team of producers who snipped up records and re-arranged them into this great track. A constant base sound with a good beat lead throughout the whole song while the samples are laid ontop at various intervals, creating some memorable, classic and great hooks. Listen to it here:

Phuture- Acid Tracks

Depeche Mode- Never Let Me Down Again

The most popular techno songs of 1985:

Art of Noise- Moments in Love.

The most popular techno songs of 1984:

Depeche Mode- Blasphemous Rumours

The most popular techno songs of 1983:

New Order- Blue Monday. It has THAT kick drum start and is an anthem. A great techno pop track (the best remix of it is from Hardfloor). A great group, and this is their song, and just remember, its 1983 and this song is still heard as a great track even now.

Frankie Goes to Hollywood- Relax. Woohoo! Now, again still regarded as a top classic track, a thudding beat drives the track and a basic base and synth lines works so well. Never gets boring.

Kraftwerk- Tour de France.

The most popular techno songs of 1981:

Depeche Mode- Just can't get enough. The start of Depeche Modes good commercial work. Written by Vince Clarke (of Yazoo, and Erasure fame), this was a real 80s synth gem.

Soft Cell- Tainted Love. Oh yeah, Soft cell had this as their main hit. Again more elctro than techno, but it paved the way for the above artists to be welcomed into the charts. That synthy clap was a great hook, combined with a simple baseline running throughout.

Depeche Mode- Get the Balance Right

The most popular techno songs of 1980:

Blondie- Call Me

Ultravox- Vienna. Midge Ure went from Visage and was the group Ultravox. Vienna was not his only song, but it is the most remembered, as having synth drums and a cool piano middle part.

As you can see, there are many techno tracks that have made it into the best techno hits of all time. There maybe songs that should be in here and some should be left out, however I believe I have covered those other tracks in various places around this site.

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