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Online music marketing can also use local music shops which targets the right kind of visitor.

The main task to do before we use our online music marketing plan in any shop is to get out image professional. A shop even if it is small will not want to know you if your site is not up to scratch, or your advertisement material is poor. They have got a reputation to keep as well.

So, having a logo makes your products and yourself that little bit more professional.

You have to gain credability when you do your online music marketing because you are faceless, and that is the major problem that blights every Internet site over their off-line partners. You can see a store owner, you can see their wares, but with an Internet site you can't and with so many scam stories in the newspapers customers of all ages are slightly wary. Therefore, customers notice small touches, like the logo within a site. They will trust a site a lot more if it has a logo and a professional image over a site that has crummy images and poor text (you have seen those sites). You took time to design a logo and an image, automatically it shouts that you want to be around for some time and you are a little bit more trustworthy. Having an "about me" part and a little photo (not the late night party ones either- a good example is the music mags or ablums where the artist is looking a bit moody but the picture is shot well and touched up).

A good, memorable, short name is the key. It needs to represent your business, and have a 4-5 word catchy phrase below it.

It should be easy to spell

It should not have any negative vibes attached to it, e.g. "Cheapo Records" sounds cheap, tacky, and literally cheap.

Technology names are a no-no as well. Normal people who hear the name "16-bit master" are not going to be wooed with a thought of high sample quality, to them it is just a name.

Rave King is going to limit your progress into the dance and techno world later on, so keep away from closed in words.

Online music marketing relys on your web name being easy to remember and to be followed by a "dot com". If it is too long it won't be remembered, however if it is too short your site will not have any meaning. What the best thing to do is to have 2 lots of web names. 1 will be what the off line world sees, and will be short and rememberable like "www.LoopsRus.com- the techno sample specialists" (this site would then direct to your online address), and the online web address would be something like..."www.techno-loops-and-samples.com". Having dashes makes your name more attractive to the engines especially in a long name, and it features keywords that are related to your hobby, making your site even more favourable.

Once you have got a logo, small statement and web address, put them everywhere you can. An online music marketing must is to tag your emails with your details (its how Hotmail flourished with a small tag on the bottom of each email), tag all messages (internet or off-line) with it, have name cards with it on. Your logo, your identity has got to be used very liberally.

Now alot of the main stores will not have any sort of advertisement from you, however, some of the smaller "individual owned" music shops will.

Some of these shops will either have a notice board or a counter for you to put your flyers or CDs on. You might have to negotiate a price per week for allowing your CDs or flyers to be on show, but this can easily be a few dollars, as long as it doesn't interfere with their business interests.

It would also be an idea to chat to the seller to explain what you site or music is about. Online music marketing people sell their site wherever they can. If you are excited and passionate about your site then you would fill them with the same passion, and they would advise relevant customers about your site, because you are not going to be there to do so.

Now what the online music marketing gurus would do is think: could the shops advertise on your site for a reduced fee of distributing your flyers/CDs (or even free)? Free advertisement for them would be a great incentive. This could work with other related shops in your local area.

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