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The MySpace ebook AND Soundclick ebook Master Resell rights package has finally been released.

...Earn Income By Selling These In-demand Ebooks.

From: Dominic Hough

After much demand, the Soundclick and MySpace ebook has finally been released so that you can make money from this great super combination.

As we all know, MySpace is one of the biggest community sites on the 'net. Its main focus? Music. But most musicians still do not know how to increase their presence on the super musician signing tool. Even one commercial act- Machinae Supremacy only has 6 songs displayed for people to enjoy, but with my tips they can have a whole bunch more.

Soundclick. Wow, for a site that is dedicated to independent music that is ranked in the top 3, continually, by music journals and publications to "get music out there". But again, musicians don't see the tricks and tips that long term number one top musicians enjoy.

Is all this down to the sites fault? No. I is because musicians are busy people who are concentrating on their music rather than promotion. They read the junk MySpace ebooks that state "put your music on MySpace and you will get a record deal".

They are false advertising.

Just by putting music onto MySpace or even Soundclick will not get you anywhere. The trick is to utilise MySpace and Sounclick to work for you. That is the key, and that will always be the key.

The MySpace ebook is actually one of the first thing that is downloaded when they buy the Beginners Bible To Techno Music Making. You can check out the SoundClick & MySpace ebook here. It is one of the top things that is commented on, and it is one of the things that people ask if they could resell it.

As of Dec 17th 2008, 1786 people are actively searching for MySpace tips (competition =1089)

Well, I have finally adjusted, tweaked and now made available this ebook combination.


What does the ebook come with?

Most people who give away resell rights are actually giving away their ebook for you to sell, without any adjustments. Now I think that is being a little bit too sneaky.

With my deal, I want to give you:

1- The Adobe pdf file- non-passworded

2- The original text document- non-passworded

3- The original ebook covers

4- A No-brainer guide. This is totally brand new and tells you in simple forms how to create money with your new Soundclick and MySpace ebook. I explain why most resell rights packages will not make you any money and I give you my 10 point cash list. 10 tips to increase the value of your package that can be done in as little as a couple of hours.

I also explain why giving away sales copy and a website is actually bad for your new money making venture. this is your package, not someone elses.

So when we look at it from that angle, I am not only giving you the resell rights to the Soundclick and Myspace ebook, I am also giving you the Master resell rights. At no extra charge.


You Can Copy, Alter, Change, Redesign...It's Up To You!

Don't like the covers? Fine- change them!. Want to add more text? Fine- change it!

So what is the cost to you?

Most packages that are legal and not a scam will charge you anything from $1000-5000 for the master resale rights. I think that is a little too steep. I even think that $100 is too steep. Therefore I am willing to give this all away for the paltry sum of $29.


I am going to limit the number sold. This is to protect you. If 2 thousand people bought the ebook (which would be cool) then you would have that amount of competition. Which is unfair.

So I am limiting the amount of ebooks sold to 100. Once that total has been achieved then the page will be taken down. No more will be made available...ever.

So I get everything for that price?

Yep. Even if you go onto, and hired out the work, it still couldn't be cheaper than what I am offering you today. Then even if you resell it at $10, you only need to sell 3 copies to make your money back, then all the rest is pure easy profit. With the demand for SoundClick and MySpace heating up, the demand for a MySpace ebook also increases.

Hey, you could even split up the ebooks and sell them off singularly. That hasn't been's a market waiting to be tapped.

Your ebook will show how to time save by giving musicians the skills needed to crack MySpace easily.

I wish you all the best



Dominic Hough
Author "The Complete Beginners Bible: Make, Market and Sell Your Own Techno Songs"










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If for any reason you don't agree that this is the most complete and useful guide you've ever received on the subject of making top techno songs , just email me within 8 weeks from your date of purchase - and I'll issue you a 100% refund immediately.

You have 8 full weeks to read and apply every success tip, strategy, and secret I've discovered over the past 20 years of my own music marketing. The MySpace ebook is thorough and all you need to know. If you're not completely satisfied with this comprehensive guide, just ask for (and receive) an immediate, 100% refund.

However, because this is a resell rights package and if you still sell the ebooks then the application for the refund will be refused.



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