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How I made my own techno songs with my free techno guides

About the site

So why did I create my own techno songs?

Well, I have been into techno for 18 years plus now and I have seen a lot of changes going on within the techno scene. At the start, I read the magazines, played with various programmes only to see that no-one really tells you actually HOW to go about making your techno cheaply- or for free if possible.

After buying expensive sequencers- and failing- I had no money so I searched and researched the topic myself.

Thankfully due to the internet, and some cool programmers the techno making process can be free, or it can be really cheap. If you are interested in making your own techno, NOW is the time. The market has never been so vibrant, people are willing to listen to new pieces, DJs are becoming famous, and techno songs are becoming number-ones in the charts.

I wanted to put together a big guide, an internet site cramed full of free techno guides on how to go about making your own dance and techno and I hope that is what I have done. It is easy when you have the information at hand pointing you in the right direction, giving you links to free software- as we all know the bedroom musician, like myself, wants to make music on a shoe string and I wanted to demonstrate that this can happen.

Want To Hear My Techno Tunes?

Here they are (they open in a new window). Remember they were all created for free, and within half a day.




I even was asked to create some small tunes for a YouTube short comedy film. It is going for further editing, but here is the original cut:

Due to the poor playback, here are the actual Techno tunes used within Geek:

This is the intro tune. It was supposed to be a bit down, as it follows the mood of the geek.

This is the second tune/ happier tune. A more upbeat affair that matches with the geek training. Both tunes have an 80s feel, and again that matches with the style of the film. This tune was loosely based on the classic TV score- Airwolf.

I have also produced a comprehensive guide for beginners on how to make ANY type of electronic music. Click here to see how I created my own techno songs.

Contact Info:

If you want to get in contact with me please email me at the following address:


Please note: Due to spam, please remove the 123 from the email address, and then send.


Best regards


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