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A quick and easy music promotion

Competitions are a great music promotion idea. Most people are competitive, and if the prize is any good competitions will draw in traffic to your site.

Music promotion should be fun and simple to do but have the ultimate desire to get people willingly do download your music, recognise you, or for you to sell something. A competiton does just that.

You could even offer the competition to subscribers of your mailing list only, it acts as an incentive for people to subscribe- especially if you state this as one of the benefits of joining your email list (and you are targeting willing visitors and rewarding them for their email address).

The prizes are the main thing. You need to combat that "why should I" attitude. Offer something that you yourself would like. Offer their music for download on your site. Have First, Second and Third placements, with first being downloadable for 3 months, second being downloadable for 1 month, and third being downloadable for 2-3 weeks. A great advertising advantage for your subscribers. Free advertisement and recognition from an already established site is a great incentive.

This sort of music promotion are great because they can be run every few months. If you find some really good songs, ask for collaboration between yourself and the artist responsible, and offer the song for download. It acts as another incentive for people to take part in the competition. It will also make the other artist advertise the collaborated song- more free advertisement for you.

With a competition you offer comments and a scoring criteria, and a tally of points gained and lost. People always want to do better, so you must tell them how to. Remember to put up the rules of a competition on your web site, and stick to them. You could even offer a judge placement for the highest ranking artist, or veteran.

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