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How To Make $500 A Month For Free With Simple Music Profits

An 80+ Page Step By Step Guide With No Sign Ups & No Hype- (Its Completely FREE So You Can See For Yourself)

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So, easy question time: Do you want to make music profits from day one that is realistic, do-able and left on auto pilot?

I have researched, and designed a profitable set of businesses that will help you make your own music profits from day one...that ANYONE can follow.

Commercial Artists Royalties...

Before we start, let me show you a few facts. The music business is cut throat, some of the best acts that you may remember are not doing that well now. They are also not that rich:

  • Multiplatinum artists like TLC and Toni Braxton have been forced to declare bankruptcy because their recording contracts didn't pay them enough to survive.
  • Florence Ballard from The Supremes was on welfare when she died.
  • Collective Soul earned almost no money from "Shine," one of the biggest alternative rock hits of the '90s, when Atlantic Records paid almost all of their royalties to an outside production company.

I want you to have a side income, one that is proven, one that you can easily do and one that you can start straight away.

Profitable Small Busineses?

In "Money Making Music Blue Prints" I show you EXACTLY what to do to make money, in plain English.

You can "bootstrap" your business from zero dollars to anything you want by following any one of the 20 blue prints. Its up to you. Or if you are feeling adventurous...do all 20!

Every single step, every single blue print has been designed to show you the necessary information you need to start earning money online by creating in-demand products, sites and ideas in super-sharp detail. All you have to do is follow the step-by-step plan in each blue-print.

Each part of every blueprint can be performed as you read it which means that you can start making money almost immediately. Soon you'll be not caring about hosting or buying that bit of software- just leaving you to make tunes.

Discover what people REALLY want

I show you exactly how to make your own products, your own sites and then sell it to people clambering over themselves to buy.

Before you get worried. you don't need to know about anything to make your own music profits. You get other people to give you the information to sell at ridiculous prices, and how much do you give them? Nothing! Yep, nothing...I'll show you how.

This is one of the smartest moves that you will make...because it's FREE!

How...I will show you how to set up music profits that will be bought digitally, transferred over the Internet digitally. You don't have to touch them, so you can make money while you are sleeping. Produced for nothing, distributed for nothing but sold for music profits of over 1000%

If you want to start earning money online, you need to join the successful 5% of Internet sites and start selling a product that people want, will buy, and you will deliver...easily.

The "Money Making Music Blue Prints" contains all the step-by-step details you need to start making and selling online...with no experience. Just follow the plans.

Do you want a risk free business...that is long-lasting?

Totally risk free. What other business can offer you that? If you have a website all you need to do is input one of the 20 blueprints into your site and watch your music profits grow. Designed with you in mind, you can choose between any one of the 20 blueprints that fit your site. Each one is an income generator. But sometimes spending money on a piece of software or a service can help you race forward. In each step I point out where spending money would help, but none of the extra spending is essential.

Become risk free.

I will show you specific Google results. Straight from Google's own databanks are some of the best topics that you can make money from. What people are searching for now, with very little competition. Also I will show you how to get Google to make you money- and no I am not talking about Adsense either.

The "Money Making Music Blue Prints" allows for unlimited flexibility.

You can spend one hour a week, or ten hours each day depending on your circumstances. This great flexibility also allows you to determine how big, or how small you want your new business to be. You may be happy earning an extra $100-200 per month, or may want to build a business large enough to sell on, it's up to you.

Do you like music?

Great, thats all you need. With a music site or no music site you can still earn music profits. The whole 86 pages of "Money Making Music Blue Prints" has been designed in a plug-n-play way. Choose a blueprint and then use it.

Want to be a top selling author?

In one of the Blueprints I show you how to make your own info-product- with no experience, giving you the quickest 10 stage plan to make your own info-product that has ever been seen on the Internet. I'll show you 50 ways on how to rapidly sell any info-product, easily.

I will show you how to make $2000 by sending out one email. I will also show you how to make the quickest and most sought after info-product ever. If you want, you can keep on using this idea again and again, and again! Each time making money.

No One Will Ever Give You This For Free

Most people who sell something give you hints but nothing too much. But I am different. Chapter 2 is the first blueprint in this ebook. It directly deals with the affiliate system, and these specific points:

  • 2.1. There Are 3 Major Affiliate Problems
  • 2.2. So How Do You Actually Make Cash With A System That Everyone Is Using?
  • 2.3. So What Are The Best Affiliate Sites That Are Music Related?
  • 2.4. An 8 Step Plan For A Quick, Free And Easy Money Making Venture.

I think it is true. If everyone is shouting about "make money using affiliates" and everyone is actually doing it, how do you make money?

Well, here is point 2.4. How to make quick and easy money in 8 fast steps:

As an example suppose you have joined an affiliate site that trains you to improve your golf swing. What you do is to make up an ebook of great tips and tricks to do with golfing.

  • Go through all the sites to do with golf, pick a few tips from each, reword them and then make an ebook.
  • Title it that gets the golfers pulse racing �101 Ways To Make Your Golf Swing On Par With Tiger Woods With No Expense�.
  • Sell it through Clickbank and then put up the commission to 75%. It costs you nothing to build, but you will get loads of email addresses from that high a commission and affiliates will love it.
  • Go to all the sites that you used to get the tips from and then offer them the ebook to sell through their email lists.
  • At a very rough estimate, if you sell the ebook for $10 - for easy maths here :) you will get $2.50. If one of those sites has an email list of 10,000 and say 1,000 bought�that�s $2,500�from one site alone.
  • Then you email your own newly built list the golf affiliate link. Now a percentage will buy and you will get a �back-end� sale.
  • Make up an article of 10 of the tips and send it through the article submission software with a link at the bottom to the sales page. An increase in search engine placement and some extra sales is not bad for an hours work.

Any basics?

The "Money Making Music Blue Prints" is all basic, from the start. But, I also show you the basic Fundamentals - all 6 of them, that you need to make any money on the Internet. These are just in the Intro- so even before you read the Blue Prints you can make money.

Internet Expert Quote = Shelley Lowery States:"These new Internet millionaires are no different from you and I. They started their Internet businesses from the ground up, found a niche and built their success one day at a time."

The blue prints explain everything in detail:

  • How you can make money every year, without lifting a finger,
  • The "Goldmine Technique" or how you can make other people make you money, for free (and no this isn't affiliates)
  • How to password protect your website for nothing
  • 6 "Must see" Google Adword money profit zappers. My collected Adwords data that show thousands of people searching and minimal competition
  • The specific blueprint that makes money and only one person on the Internet is doing, yet people are crying out for this.
  • How alot of sites are experiencing bandwidth sucking problems while you won't care as you will be making money from not falling down that trap.
  • How with just 10 seconds research, you can reduce your competition by 2 million!
  • How you can avoid spectacular mistakes which causes experienced people to make no money at all
  • How I make a sale for every email that I answered.
  • How Adsense is good...but Google is making the money , here is how to readdress the balance.
  • How to beat the guy on Ebay who is selling something at $8.95, BUT it is $1.25 to make, yet he doesn't even pay out anything.
  • How to sell exactly the same info product at a higher price than your competitors...and people will buy it from you

It has took along time to cut away the fluff.

By learning the secrets and tricks that took me years to find out, spending hundreds of dollars testing and re-testing, you'll save hours and hours of valuable time that you can then spend building your success in other areas. I know that each blueprint will make money, not thousands every day. That is unrealistic...but they will make you money initially, then they will be able to expand and then make you thousands.

The ebook comes with free giveaway rights allowing you to give it away to anyone you choose.

If you want to increase your subscribers give it away. This will increase the value of your newsletter. You get more subscribers and therefore increase your music profits indirectly.

So just sit back, enjoy the ebook, and make some money with it.

  • "...It's all about running an online business, so you can take a good look at this product as well even if you're not planning on a music site. It has lots of tips on marketing, product creation, and more..."
    Lynn Lopez

  • "I am just devouring this ebook it has got so many ideas that I am trying out...and they are working! Why aren't you selling this? I am now giving out the ebook as a gift for sign-ups to my music subscriber list, as you stated, and it works well. I have had great comments about it."

  • technomusicmaking

    Dominic Hough

    Author "The Complete Beginners Bible: Make, Market and Sell Your Own Techno Songs"

    Author "20 Money Making Music Blue Prints"


    Click to download your copy now

    (right click on the link and then press "save target as")

    The eBook is created in Adobe Acrobat file format. (PDF file). If you don't have the Adobe software for this file, you can download and install it here for free.

    To increase extra visitors to your site check out the free music marketing articles at my music marketing blog that can increase your music profits . How? More people to your site will give you an increased chance of a sale.