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Here are the top 10 scam site busting questions to ask yourself.

The Internet has grown and grown to be a huge mass of sites clumped together into a sort of an order that only people who actually know its order can succeed. So when do we actually open our eyes to the real Internet?

The above statement/ intro is slightly puzzling, but it has become the truth. Now I don't want to go into a Matrix style debate, but the Internet is starting to become a medium being manipulated by people who know the system. You have big corporations bidding on high priced keywords trying to get their same old product distributed. You have marketers using the Internet as their own cash machine...so how can you and I get into the Internet?

We have to pay a marketer to tell us how to manipulate it even more...while they get richer.

I have found out a few things that have puzzled me.

1- Every marketer has found the secret to the Internet riches. They have the special "under the table" info, the one where they even say "Even Internet marketer pro's were blown away with my success". If they were that wealthy and were cashing in on the Internet machine, why not give away some information for free? Rather than the same dangling-a-carrot-infront-of-someone showing them what they could have rather than what it actually is?

2- How most Internet marketers use affiliate products. We know and understand that this is a "simple way" to make some money on the Internet...but have you ever tried it now since the secret has been spilled out?

3- If they are telling everyone the secret of Internet wealth then the cash pot becomes smaller. This is more so when they advertise the Google Adwords to use in their campaign. Right, so now the Google Adwords money will increase?!

4- We know that the best method of cash generation is to create an ebook...thats where you are making your money from! But it is easier said than done. There are too many ebooks promoting the same thing. Yet the book industry hasn't collapsed under the ebook pressure...so are people still buying or are they starting to shy away from rubbish, overpriced regurgitated material?

I have found out that as soon as marketing information goes into an ebook, it is not valid. So I have done an experiment. 90-100% of marketing ebooks will not reveal the sites that they market. I have changed that today. The site is real, the information is real (and true- explained in moment) and everything else is real...the problem is that people don't believe the site. The site's name is Learn Guitar Tutorial Scams.

So what happens to a real site, that has real information on it. One that is marketed well as well? Nothing.

An Internet marketer will state that it wasn't marketed properly or the copy wasn't presented well. But this is not true. Because there are so many sites like this, so many adverts stating "to look away from scams" then the public is scared. They have seen it all before and actually will give a bad reputation to the site and hence to you.

However the site is more than that. It is trying to state that when we go onto various marketing ebook sales pages and even when we go onto tutorial sales pages...do we read the hype and not use our heads? My site clearly states that we should not believe sites that say we can play the guitar "in 30 days"...how can that be true even in the loosest of words? However we fall for it.

I fell for a bonus for an ebook that said "250 places to sell your music". Awesome I thought, however it turned out that they just saved off Googles Directory for record outlet shops. It is a very well known music marketer that has quite a few ebooks on sale that does that. I was angry, I will never buy from them again.

You can get some really cool looking sites, some really pimped up sites that can make your guitar dream/ make money dream a reality- however they are empty and shallow on content. The sites that look poor are actually passed over even though they could easily be the better site.

Then the site that actually warns people of the problem can be turned upon. Seth Godin, one of the great marketers out there, states that people don't like the idea that they have been lied to or that they are stupid. So when someone points out that what they have bought is a scam. Or what they have subscribed to, or what they have read is a lie, they don't take it too well.

The Internet marketers who know this cover their names will aliases and will produce many sites like the guitar scam one.

Has anyone heard of the Rich Jerk? They have got alot of bad press, usually about their language, their supposed intolerance to the lower person. But when you look at it, they are brilliant. They are very clever. They have created a brand, which gets people to look at them...Their ebooks are filled with proper information, not fluff and some of their money making opportunities can only be done with someone who knows what they are doing. They even hint in the ebook to create something that people will look at you. Have they earned that type of money that they claim? Probably...they probably earn more money through ebook sales though...

However, as soon as "secret information" goes into an ebook it has passed. People jump onto the band wagon and then that method of cash generation looses its generation potential.

MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Youtube...the list goes on and on. But marketers tell us all the time to use these methods of traffic and therefore cash generators. But have we actually got the time, and the patients to update everything, to answer each email, to send a text...we'll get too bogged down with the next new thing.

Can we make money online? According to the marketers we can. But read their small print. You will see a clause they they can not guarantee income...well didn't they say that they could increase our sales by 300%? "A full proof system". Well it should generate what they advertise. In any other industry the exaggeration would not happen.

We must start to look away from the hype sites and start to ask questions before we buy anything. Use their returns policy if the product is not upto scratch. If they offer a discount...write down the date that it is due and use it.

Here are the 10 scam busting questions to use on any selling site:

1- If it sounds bizarre, then usually it is. 30 days to play the guitar can be interpreted as playing one note or playing like Eric Clapton.

2- If the site has no email address, or it is a free address, turn away

3- If they sell electronic goods and a 90 day guarantee, more than likely they are selling through Clickbank. So where is their security policy and that they use Clickbank?

4- Will they email you regularly once you have bought something or a one off "thank you email"?

5- What are their bonuses? Alot of bonuses now are free items downloaded from membership sites. Do a Google search for that bonus and see if more come up. If so, email them about their product with a set question that only someone in that topic would know. More than likely they would have sourced out that product.

6- Are they the author to all their products?

7- When was the ebook made? If it was made 2 years ago and it is to do with marketing, is it still valid? Email them, some information is timeless.

8- If they "highly recommend" a product email them about it. More than likely they never tried it out.

9- If you are going to spend any money online email the person selling that item. Question them. They shouldn't care about the emails that you send and they would be glad to help you for a sale.

10- Find them on the sites that they appear to be successful at. I love Soundclick, so I advertise that I done well there from my site, I give a link to my alias on there. One music marketer shows a list of his Soundclick plays which are in the hundreds/ day...can I find the artist anywhere? No. Graphic enhancements is a common factor when some marketers advertise. If they state that they have been using MySpace as a cash generator then where is their site?

I hope that these pointers will show you that some sites just do not live upto their promises or even give you a satisfactory product.