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Podcasting...waste of time or a good music marketing plan?

I have a problem with newsletters and Podcasting. Here is my argument:

I have a newsletter that goes out each month that tells people about cheap/ free music making. Great, however I have noticed something wrong with newsletters.

If you run a newsletter or a Podcast you may not see that many openings. I know that mine seems to jump around alot. Instead of thinking it is the seasons, timing or something else....do you know what it is?


Now I try to put out newsletters that have some information inside that will help, I even give out free synths etc, but ultimately is it what people want? I think so, but it must not be.

I have even been receiving Dr Ralf Wilsons free email, at the start it was really good, also I had free bonuses. But eventually and in the past 3 months, I haven't opened a single one.

I subscribed to a great affiliate package as well. They send emails now and then, at the start I read them, but now I don't.


I had to think about this for a while, and do you know what I have realised?

I just wanted the free stuff that they offered. I had a browse around and then, they are emailing me with information that I don't really want to know about.

For instance I subscribed to an newsletter dedicated to soft synths (software musical instruments), and I only subscribed because you had to to enter their "free downloads domain". Have I opened a single email from them after a couple of sends...no.

I have what I want, a drum machine, but that is all I wanted. I checked to see if there was any drum machine software bits from the emails, but there wasn't.

Because they never kept what I wanted in mind and tailored the emails to suit my needs I have forgot about them. If they sent me more drum machine info through I would love it and they would be catering to my interests. Now if I want more software synths, I actually Google them.

This is worrying, and I don't believe I am alone.

I am starting to think newsletters are too general, and the worst of it they are still too distant to the readership.

Not once have I been asked to comment, not once have I been asked if the newsletter is ok. I have been left on the scrap heap and now being sent stuff that I don't really want to know about.

I have even stopped reading my subscribed magazine because they are sooo general and assume too much.

I believe this is why community sites are working well and will probably be the future of the web.

However, community sites like YouTube, MySpace and Facebook are themselves too general. I believe specialised community sites will eventually appear that cater for a very specific niche.

General newsletters and Podcasting are too distant, they are not taking into consideration of the changing view of the subscribers. If you gave away a free ebook on marketing why on earth do they want a newsletter sent to them all about marketing? Wasn't the ebook any good?

If we don't communicate with our readership then we are going to assume that we know it all and will alienate alot of the readership.

If you are keeping uptodate anyway then your site should have all the uptodate information on it.

Some marketing types will tell you that the newsletter is the best form of keeping in contact with the public. It is, or it should be. I believe that stance is changing. In one marketing newsletter, they stated that alot of their readers have 10 newsletters subscriptions or more!

I have about that...why?

Because I wanted a specific subject discussed and checked out. That is all. Being targeted, and more importantly, being specific to what your audience wants is the only way.

With this in mind I propose an idea. How about having a check box for certain things before signup?

A checkbox asking if you want to subscribe for:

- your music downloads

- your tips and tricks

- your tutorials

By this way a newsletter/ Podcasting that gets sent out will be hyper specific to your customer needs.

When I proposed the theory about newsletters and podcasts Dave from www.schoolofpodcasting.com said the following:

Podcasting is a great way to contact an audience.

You don't have to fight spam filters. You can now introduce tone of voice, and make things more personal.

The down side is as podcasts are delivered via RSS, your listner may only visit your website ONCE to sign up and never return again.

However, people are still making money and monetizing podcasting (because you have a much stonger bond with your audience).

The best is to use both. You can use a service like aweber (which costs) which produces an RSS feed, and every time you put out a podcast it can notify your email list reminding them to download the show.

Unfortunately you have the same problem, you are very personal with the audience, you are more 1 on 1, but it is the trouble of the podcast.

People have to download something, they have to subscribe, they have to check their email, they have to listen to you rather than scan text. Do you want to spend 20 minutes listening to someone chatting about a subject that doesn't interest you?

We also must assume that people know what Podcasting is and how to use it. RSS is a great way of keeping in contact with site visitors but it is extremely naive to assume that all people who go on the Internet know what to do.

The best thing for podcasts? Sending out tracks using podcasts is great as that is what people want, they want music on demand and when they want them.

However, so people can remember you, those Podcasts need to be sent out regularly, but then why not have a website with your tracks on it with MP3 download and Flash realtime listening?

There is a podcasting ebook out that usually sells for anywhere between $15-39. But here it is for free = Podcasting made easy.


The eBook is created in Adobe Acrobat file format. (PDF file). If you don't have the Adobe software for this file, you can download and install it for free.

Completely free download, the 20 Money Making Music Blueprints. Featuring detailed free and low cost money making plans to boost your music income. From hobby to pro. Check it out here.

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