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Music Marketing "How Not To Do It Like Commercial Artists" # 3

Music marketing is based on having a good idea of what your audience likes.

I like the group Royksopp, especially the track Remind Me. I heard it thumping out of the TV on an advert...great tune.

I heard another one of theirs as well, So Easy. Again a great tune.

They then played those tunes repetitively for along time. Their music marketing machine was powering along.

From these two tracks I bought the album. I searched high and low on the CD and found out that Remind Me, the version I heard was a remix ("Someone Else's" Radio Remix if you need to know).

I was slightly annoyed. The original is slow and so different. However many times I have tried to listen to the original it just isn't the same.

This track has got remixed a few times, people are going to hear it on popular media items like the TV, so why not include those remixes on the CD?

Its a goodwill gesture, if you get anyone to remix anything of yours, if its good, put it on your CD/ downloads. Your audience will love it, and the remixing artist will love it because they are getting extra exposure. It surely is music marketing 101?

For those of you who are like me and are slightly skeptical and think then you have to buy the remix single, you are probably right. However, it has damaged my perception of Royksopp. Will I buy an album of theirs again?

No. Doing something like that will win you more people who will shy away from your music than people who will buy your stuff. It is devious techniques and it drives people away.

This was done a few times. One with Lenny Kravitz and "fly away", and the other with Babylon Zoo and "spaceman". Both using mixes of the track for TV jeans ads.

Babylon Zoo was the worst. The main TV track was a storming stomping dance hit. Like a really good hit. The single that came out has 30 seconds of the TV track and the rest was a singing track. What they did was combine the instrumental on the CD single with the singing track. Both different tracks.

So please, any mixes that are used, use them all. If you know people like your remix version- release that one and put the original on the CD.

Music marketing is now demanding that we all should watch our step. People are not putting up with this anymore and it is easy to see why the p2p market is winning.

It isn't just because of having the wrong idea of what people want through CD singles that has caused the p2p revolution, but it is a little brick within a huge wall, and that wall is slowly crumbling down.

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