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Music Marketing And This.

Music marketing has now become something of a chore for some people, and for others, unfortunatley it has become lucrative.

Whatever anyone tells you, and I mean anyone tells you, the 3 L things you need to succeed (cash wise) in any thing that can be given away for free are these:

1. Something different

2. An Audience

3. Be able to interact with number 3

4. Luck...that is what the L stood for :)

You could include alot of other factors within that, and I would say that most music marketing types would say many more. Why? there is no need. Those 3 are the things you need. Nothing more, nothing else.

What I am going to concentrate on here is number 1: Something different.

I chose this mainly because of the negative feeling that I got from my bloget post. I stated that we need to realise that offering something different or just listening to different styles is the only way in which we are going to succeed.

I offered orchestral, High School Musical, even Cartoon Music as inspiration. It is daft for us not to look at those areas. If something is very successful we should be working out how it actually works, not dismissing it.

If our target audience is teens, then surely our music marketing heads should be telling us to look into areas where teens are looking to and seeing why they like the music and how is that music is made up.

If something is getting into our techno charts, and staying there for some time, then why. Why is our track all the way down in place 20, and theirs is place 1, or even in the top 5...constantly?

If we keep on churning out the same old crap, then is our music going to get anywhere higher?

You will start to realise that the defining factor with any successful chart act is that they offer something different from the norm.

They still "do" techno/ dance/ trance etc, but they have tweaked it to offer the bored audience something that is just slightly different.

Name any top musician and they have shown something different.

Tiesto did a wonderful job with Adiago...he just wacked on a great big drum beat with massive distortion to achieve something dancey (staying true to his core audience), but offered something different.

Prodigy did it with their "more intelligent" rave music. They still kept very rave, but they added voice snippets (Charley), and then made a huge jump with rave that was well ahead of its time.

Even Hans Zimmer. There has been some great film score over time, but for me Hans really kicks us around with his great musics. Using powerful instruments and great hooks, film scores became something to listen to rather than be a part of the film. Same goes for Danny Elfman.

That is what defines music, and that is what makes an artist stick out. By making something that is just slightly different. Then what happens?

You then enter what music marketing is all about. You get a following, an audience who like it, because it is different, because it is not the boring- rehashed crap they they are glued to.

That is the problem with alot of music, someone copies the previous successful artist without tweaking the music. So it sounds the same. However, the problem become very apparent and obvious. Why do something that has already been done before without changing it?

If Windows came out and Microsoft said, "yeah, same thing, but we couldn't be bothered". Some people will buy it, but a great proportion won't and leave to find something else.

Don't redo...it has been done before. Do the 3L and the better music marketing technique and do something different with the music...

Make it a salsa, make it a rock tune, make it softer, make it orchestral...but please, make it something different.

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