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Music Band Artwork - Undenialably A Crucial Factor In The First Play.

If someone asked me, "Dominic, do you think my music band artwork is a needied thing?" Now apart from tapping them on the head for not reading the above headline to give them a clue, I would say yes.

Looks matter, no matter what you think. In the human world we look at something and subconciously we form an impression- whether that be a right one or not. The person with a punk style hair cut states what music they like, but not what they are like. They may be a super qualified solicitor but I doubt if they would get an interview.

That is the society we live in. It is only in those few seconds that an impression is made. If I go onto MySpace and hear the music first before the site loads up and I really like the music more than likely the site's presentation wouldn't fuss me too much, unless it started to get frustrating. If the site loaded up before the music and the band art work was "in your face" and too loud then I would be put off and frustrated before I listen to your music.

Site impressions are exactly as human impressions. Unfortunately site impressions are worse because you can click away in seconds, you may never go back, you might tell your friends not to go there, and with websites you need interaction with visitors to succeed.

So having professional templates made is one of the smartest decisions that you could make. But they don't have to cost much, sometimes they can easily be free. However that scribbled "cartoon" picture of your band will not cut it either. You need something to say what your music is about, yet also being fresh and new. If you have an RnB group your art will be significantly different from music band artowrk for rock music.

For example, if you are Linkin Park your music is electronic, future/cyber rock if you will or NuRock, whatever...but your music band artwork will represent that:

music band artwork

But if you were Usher you need to tap into your audience. So an image of successfulness, body image, coolness and smoothe music is what you need to portray:

music band artwork

If you want to be a part of the music industry and want to compete in a field with other musicians who want to get ahead, much like you, you need all the bases covered. Having a professional template design, having good music band artwork is much a part of your act than the music. Once you get good graphics up and going then you could even release T-shirts and computer backgrounds.

Grabbing the audience with cool music band artwork (not flash or big sizes) is a great way to get ahead of your competition.

I wrote down some of the best tips that record labels gave out. The top one was presentation. You need good presentation to stick out. You can check them out on the site here: Record Label Tips.

But how do we do that, how do we make good looking graphics ?

There are many ways to get free templates on the Internet, one of them is just to do a search in Google for whatever templates your need, whether that be MySpace or Website templates.

However, you run the risk that someone else has the template and exactly how much customising can you do with someone elses template? Usually they put a restricter on the editing rights. Also, how well do you know Intenet code- HTML? I am not the best by all means and it takes me hours to do something that would take a pro minutes- I haven't got that time.

What else is there? Well, the other way is to hunt for free pictures and ask the designer to alter them or for you to actually use them with credit to the artist. This usually works as alot of artists want to get recognised for their work. Go again into Google and type in free pictures, royalty free pictures. Always check on how the author wants to be creditied.

There is then plan B.

This is by the far what most people go for, professionals and unsigned alike. They get customised pictures and websites going. For instance, when I was looking for cool graphics I stumbled upon Julian Grants work. You can check out Julian Grants work here: Julians Art Blog. Pretty cool eh?! Ask about customised graphics or see if Julian could make you something.

music band artwork

Also there is Rentacoder. This is extreamly easy to do. For under $50 you can have a website up and going, and for the same amount and under you can have professional graphics made. All yours, all designed to your specifications. You see the most of the marketing types and Internet site owners don't actually know how to draw or make a site. They get someone to do it for them and reduced cost. Sites like Rentacoder have been a little secret for ages and it is how most sites look cool. Rentacoder can be checked out here: get music band artwork made with Rentacoder.

music band artwork

Then again if you have a friend that could make some good graphics then you could use them and then they would have the start of an Internet business :)

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