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Music Articles

Below are some music articles for you to check out, and steal away from me to:

1. Increase your subscribers to your newsletter 2. Increase your blog viewers 3. Increase website content.

Please note, if you do want to take them, just leave them in tact so that my little bio at the bottom of the article stays there. Thanks!

All articles open in a new window.

Free $600 Nostalgia

Make Yourself Brainy With Piano Lessons

An Easy Way To Increase Your Web Traffic With Your Music

5 Easy Ways To Make Your Beats More Professional

Why Music Marketing With Adwords Is Not The Best Idea

10 Best DJ Marketing Tips And Tricks

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How Not To Fluff Up Your Music Marketing Like Commercial Acts

Too Much Choice, The Pros And Cons Of Some Of The Best Music Marketing Ideas

Podcasting and Newsletters (do any other music articles give away full free ebooks?)

An easy way to beat the competition is by having good artwork, but how dooes a non-artist do that?

5 Ways To Better Your Piano Playing- Or, Why Should I Play The Piano?

The most important thing to know to make it online

The Cher "I Believe" vocal effect.

Scam Busting Tips.

How do you get your music into iTunes, Amazon, Napster and others.