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The MiniMoog V

Minimoog V

Please step forward the MiniMoog V. The synth that gave early 70s and 80s electronic music some teeth and then became the dominant techno machine has now become readily available to all.

Run and Install.

Within minutes you can be up-and-running with this software. Just pick the wood finish type, and sound card then you are there. To register the copy you need to go onto the manufacturers web-site (which is straight forward with a quick email response, and you get free upgrades and help with customer service). If you want the software to run and sound good, you need a good computer and good sound card . The minimoog V will need at least a Pentium II 500 MHz, with 128 MB ram, and Windows 9x/2000/ME/XP. For the Mac, a G3 500Mhz with 128 MB ram, and MacOS 9.2.2 or higher is the basic requirement. The more hardware the better. The on-cd documentation is also pretty cool as it is logical, helping you to get started and to create some sounds.

The Looks

The software front end is simply lovely, with wood paneling and high technology you know you are in a Rolls Royce of a software. Everything is laid out logically, 3 oscillators, a mixer section, filter, envelope generators, a knob on the left side of the keyboard for turning the pitch bend on, and a knob for adjusting its range. You get 400 presets. The minimoog V has a Midi-learn mode for the knobs, that you can assign to your trigger keyboard (SEE Novation-X-Station). In the top right hand corner a programmable matrix modulation system, a separate LFO, an arpeggiator, and an effects processor (chorus and delay), all can be attached to a knob on your midi keyboard. You can save custom patches and banks,

Sounds abound.

From incredibly large, deep and brick smashing bass sounds to patches that hark back to the good old' days of electronica, the MiniMoog V has it all. There are even TB303 presets that could be mistaken for the real thing. There are warm glowing pads, various leads and quite weird effects and they are all easily found, by writer or instrument type.

The filter that is used in this synth is pure Moog, and is as close a replica to the original the software engineers are truly applauded. Filter sweeps are true, deep and smooth, a true analogue sound.

In Summary

On The manufacturers website (Arturia), there are loads of MP3s and samples from this great bit of software. There is one better thing though, the endorsements, and one is from Dr. Robert Moog stating "Arturia has done it again. The MiniMoog V sound quality capture the magic of the original classic Minimoog. The graphic interface looks classy and responds smoothly, making it fun and easy to use. We at Moog Music are happy to lend our name to this fine product." Says it all really.

Click here for more info on the Minimoog V.

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