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Techno Blog

The Techno Blog is my mini-journal about Techno making tips, music marketing, techniques and much more.

It allows you to see when I think some pages deserve a special mention.

I also give rambles, small notes or things that catch my eye on my Internet wonders that you should know about.

Hope you enjoy.


Got to show you this. Eventually found the tune to the blog post I posted earlier on.

iTunes Detuning?

I heard on the news today about iTunes. Due to tax increases and royalty rate increases they will have to increase the song download rate by 8 cents.

I thought, could this happen more in the future? I would be silly not to think so. iTunes is a golden goose and a lot of people are hooked into it- and that is a lot of people who could get milked for cash. And we wonder why piracy occurs.

It is what happens when a company becomes so dominant in one area- with little competition.

However if record companies see people move away from iTunes or even they thought "we could do this" what will happen then? I don't see how record companies can let someone else sell their stuff and they stand back and do nothing. Universal Music Group has done just that, they might not now renew their contract, and they will do it by themselves.

Then there is a threat about iTunes closing...yeah...I saw a pig zoom over our roof the other day. iPod is successful because of iTunes, iTunes is big and it sucks in cash. Unless they are planning something else, threats won't work- and this threat has been going on for 18 months, like a spoilt school kid not getting their way.

House Keeping To Increase Fans

One of the major off putters for a fan is the music site to which they visit. We already know that, however we must also remember one other thing:

To do some house work

Now this may bring some of you out in shivers and it also a learning curve for those of you who use other people to make your site.

House Keeping is just making sure that your pages show information that you wanted.

YouTube is terrible for removing movies and not telling you. If your site has loads of movies you need to check them monthly to make sure that they still exist. I had to go through all the best techno songs pages 2005, 2006, 2007 as some were down.

Check your links as well. Site Build It (what I use) uses a link checker and sends me an email when a link is down. Link checker software are freely available so get one.

This is where the problem comes if you get someone else to build your site. Get to know basics of HTML (its pee easy- hey, I've done it, so it has to be!) so that you can adjust and change site settings on the fly rather than paying someone to change a link or a movie

Arbitrage Conspiracy

I am just posting a quick mail here. Its off music topic, but hey its Friday :) I checked my marketing email and there was a frenzy of people going on about this Arbitrage Conspiracy package.

After reading sites, watching Youtube movies and the like I found that it is a lot of hype. Sure they may earn 100k/ day. However there are 2 ways in how this is done:

1- You buy low cost clicks on small PPC sites like 7Search and send them to your Google Adsense sites with higher paying terms.

2- You buy tons of low cost Google Adword words and send them to your higher paying Google Adsense sites.

Do you see the catch? You need reinvestment and a good clickthrough rate. If you spend out $10 on keywords and get $20 back, you reinvest that $20 to get $40 back, and so it continues. But it depends on the clickthrough! What if you spend $10 and get $5 back?

The guys that are doing this Arbitrage invest $100K/ day and reports suggest that they get $50k back?

Thats all it is...just pimped to the max.

Go to TheRichjerk he did this some time ago.

Get Listed In Google Quickly And For Free

People sell this information for a lot of cash and they usually give you various different ways of doing it. One of them is to create a couple of blogs and then refresh them with info with backlinks to your site...a lot of bother really.

So, the easiest way is to refresh your content on your site regularly, whether it be by a mini blog (like this) or by adding articles (your own mainly, but include other peoples as well) to your site regularly. Get a Google sitemap (Yahoo and MSN do the same), and then keep on updating. It is why marketers seem to be updating blogs daily.

I now have my pages spidered and indexed within 3 days.

What are the best cheap turntables?

Going into DJing? So what are the best cheap turntables?

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Rumblefish, Youtube, You & Money.

About a year ago I stated in my free 20 money making blueprints that offering your music for Youtube would be a great way to increase your income. Now, Rumblefish has signed with YouTube to do just that.

By using AudioSwap you can now utilise Rumblefish's music catalog of indi-based music. The bezt thing about this is that you can jump into this as well. If you are an indi group Rumblefish is looking for you, and they will pay for your music, and you keep 100% of the rights...and to submit is free :)

Check out the link below for more info.

Click for more info

What music to DJ at a venue

This comes from a question from someone asking "I like techno and jumpstyle and I have been booked at a gig, they like rock, do I smuglle some techno in?"

Ermm...simple answer is no. If you are at a rock club, then the likliness that they will like your techno is very low. If you have got plenty of time before hand, go to the club, see what they play. If you are uncomfortable, stop and cancel. However the problem comes in the fact that cancelling is not good especially if the promoter has done their job, and promoted you. Make sure that you never signed a contract or else you could have to pay.

Always check out places before you say yes to anything. It is like buying a car...test drive it first, see how i handles, how smoothe it runs. if you like it, go for it...if not, walk away and find a better one that you enjoy.

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The best techno songs of 2006.

I offer you the best techno songs of 2006

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What Is The Fatal Music WebSite Flaw?

Time and time again there is the same question...what mistakes do musicians make? Apart from the usual: boring music, same tired music, poor samples or no structure...there is one that is always forgotten.

Your site is a picture of you. If I go onto MySpace/ or type into a search engine "techno music artists"...I get certain pages. However sometimes those pages do not show what your music actually is.

Having a small 2 sentance/ funny/ unusal/ readable paragraph on what your music is, is far better in enticing people to go further into your site than a picture.

An example of a poor site is this: http://www.dj-madpac.com/

Sorry...but...the tunes are good but where do you download, who are you...and and and! The MySpace page is much the same- with a bio though.

Figure out this one as well: http://www.dj2mjr.com/


Quizz of the day: Is the low and high quality the same?

How to become a dj? Learn from the Pros

How to become a DJ is a hard question...so lets ask a Pro

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Wanna become a DJ? 5 Tips They Will Never Tell You

How to become a DJ. The Tricks They Will Never Tell You.

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Wanna become a DJ? First: 6 Easy Steps To Mixing.

Mixing- The First Part Of How To Become A DJ

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How to become a dj? Where are you going to get your tunes from?

It is easier to become a DJ with the amount of tune out there...but where

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Wanna become a DJ? First: Digital or records?

Its easy to rush in, but first things first if you want to become a DJ.

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Stop Boring Hooks...Now

You have a really cool loop, but you can't keep it running for ever can you? Even in Trance music where long (sometimes unforgiving) loops are common...how do you keep interest? The way is simple. You play a loop with one instrument, and then play it again with another. This is very evident with Tiesto Elements Of Life (see link). The main synth line drops away in a break and another carries on in its place playing the same line. The synth sounds like it has been filtered and he is actually playing the same synth with the filter increased.

It is a common tactic. Give the fans something they love- the loop, and then change it by using a new instrument.

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Pro DJ Tips With Danny Rampling

Anyone know who Danny Rampling is? Well if not...shame on you :)

He is a well respected UK DJ who has had CDs and world tours with the Ministry of Sound...and now he has done a tell all book on How To Become A DJ.

Well worth it from a pro.

Click for more info

Trance Structure

Just about every music around depends upon one thing....structure. The same riff repeated over and over and over...will get "tuned out" by the listening fans.

Trance is no exception.

This highly formulaic genre has its own guidelines. It is ok to break the rules now and then as long as it makes good original music, however it is a fine line from original music making to alienating the audience you are trying to capture.

Most Trance tracks consists of a series of builds and breaks that control the overall level of energy. Peak too quick and the fans will be exhausted, peak too late and the fans will be wondering when the fun is coming. Typically a track tends to work towards a climax. With melodic trance musical ideas are introduced one at a time as the track moves forward, then they come together to form the climax.

Sell Music On iTunes, Napster, Amazon...To Name A Few.

How do you actually sell music on the main portal sites like Amazon, iTunes and Napster?

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Scam Busting Tips

I think some of you have seen or read my small article about guitar tutorial scam sites.

If not, let me just briefly flash over the subject. It is a new site that tackles a subject that hasn't been done before, but with so many guitar sites out there I wondered were they all telling the truth?

Guess what...it didn't go down too well.

There is disbelief and even distrust in what I wrote. The problem comes in that these sites have been around for a long time and they are cast in stone about their worthiness.

So I wanted to set the record straight and so I have created a large article detailing backgrounds and site scams out there. Also I show 10 scam busting tips what you can do right away.

Why do we go for a site that states "be a millionaire in a week?" or "have untold riches tomorrow?"

There are even smaller scams even which I was took for (detailed in the article).

You see scams are not only sites that lie to what you get, but actually how it is presented...things that make you feel cheated.

There are many out there...just be careful.

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You Laughed...But It Laughed At You While Earning Mega Dollars

I remember that I put a High School Musical post here, look further down and you can see it. It didn't go down too well. However have you ever asked yourself how they did in the album sales?

When High School 1 came out it was the biggest selling album of that year...bar none.

When High School 2 came out it was the biggest selling album of that year...bar none.

When High School 3 came out it was the biggest selling album of that year...bar none.

This is the power mix of a good fan base with good music.

Trying to tap into a market that is already there with your own music is much much easier than trying to create one.

1 Thing A Musician Can DO Now To Save Money And Time

This is an easy one, however there have been companies set up to do things for musicians that really have no place on the Internet. Take record label contacts...for a price they give you record label addresses...why? Look up on the Internet "record+labels" and then area. Always be specific though in the genre of the label.

Also, while we are on the subject. Don't pay someone to put your web address into 300 billion search engines. 95% of all traffic come from Google, MSN, and Yahoo!. The rest use their databases. So submit to the big three and you're done.

Your Music Income? An Important Thought

Did you know that Google, Yahoo, MySpace, AliBaba and Facebook actually make very little money inrespect to their company. AliBabba (a subsidery company TaoBao was the Ebay killer in China) has 25 million registered users, yet only 22000 pay and account for 71% of earnings! Google is actually worth so many billion, however it does not make that sort of money at all. Before its Adsense/ Adwords idea it made very little. Think about it, you type in a search word and Google brings you back results- where's the payment?

Free sites like the above are a great idea, but before you start online, where are your hosting fees gonna come from? Your job can fund you for only a short while.

Additional fund can come from certain places. But before you start an Internet venture just check out how it will be funded.

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SoundClick & MySpace Resell ebook

After many downloads of the Beginners bible, people have asked about reselling the SoundClick and MySpace ebooks separately.

Well, today I have agreed, and done better than that. I have included the resale rights and the Master resale rights.

They are up on their own page crammed into a worthy package.

I hope you enjoy.

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Quantum Of Silence

Saw the movie. Good, bit too quick and not as good as Casino. However when I heard the theme- what was that all about? The background instruments are great, but the song is so poor. I can't even remember it. I couldn't hum to it in the movie theatre. I don't want to look it up on Youtube, I wouldn't buy it yet download it.

Jack White & Alicia Keys can do better...so it might not be them singing... imposters, yeah, thats it, imposters...its the only way to explain it.

How Can Star Wars Better Our Music

A couple of ways really

1- Star Wars and orchestral music go hand in hand. But that wasn't so. Putting orchestral music into sci-fi was risky, but worked. It promoted John Williams and made him rich. Going against the grain is good.

2- The R2D2 noise from episode 3 (the one where he screams alot) is funny the first time you hear it, but after 5 noises you want him to be scrapped. George probably thought it was funny, but it is annoying. Make sure that you don't have annoying sounds. Ask people to comment and don't over kill some good effects.

Is The Music Industry Money Mad?

I know that after a couple of months of nothing you suddenly get a whole load of posts but this is an important one

There is a danish company, TDC who ahve signed an agreement with another company to offer free downloads but you can't record to CD?

Cool eh! But the problem is is that it is subscription...which is ok, however here is the choker.

If you stop subscribing, you loose the music. How totally wrong is that. I hope the idea doesn't work because the only problem is if that if it does work, the rest of the industry will look at this insane business model that makes one party rich...

Click for more info

Are Machinae Supremacy Loosing It?

Now I may not be the most favourable writer now, but just hear me out.

In one way they are and in one way they are not.

For: I go to their website, it transfers me to MySpace. When I click on their homepage link it takes me back to square one. Now this is important. MySpace was getting slow, MySpace may even die one day, but ultimately MySpace is a traffic generation medium nothing more.

It should be used to attract and to interact with fans and then to funnel to your website. I am sure that MSuprem had a great website in the past (I downloaded tracks from it, more than the MySpace 6 were on offer) and they changed. Why is anyones guess. Also why advertise Bionics main site where your music doesn't feature?

Against: They released Bionic Commando metal remix. Nothing like Giana Sisters but good anyway. Because of the craze of Bionic Commando they have used the publicity to highlight their own BC track gaining more listeners to their other music. 12,000 at the last count.

Its a great way to attract fans.

Bionic Downloads

Has anyone heard the cool Bionic Commando Rearmed music? Absolutely great, especially when the music transforms from the sid to the "today music".

There was 130,000 downloads of this game in the first week (nostalgia rules)and Simon Viklund the musician (not Machinae Supremacy, thats the next topic) has become quite famous because of it. So what has happened to him? He has been signed up to A NY record label for independents (Sumthing Else Music Works) and the album of Bionic Commando has been released.

I have to admit it actually made me hunt out my Sid version of the music. But I play the game for the music. The game is ok (the true 3D behind the shoulder version looks awesome) a bit slow running and is better in multiplayer. It is the music that made the game for me.

Computer music rules :)

Better Than MySpace?

There comes a time when you keep on voting on MySpace or SoundClick and you need thousands of votes or plays to get noticed...what happened to sites where you put your music up and people listened to them?

Well, one has just appeared. called Bandizmo. It is new but has already got a following. You can upload your music, get links to it, everything you need...and its free. You don't even need to worry about votes. You can even customise clothing.

Upload and play...such a simple idea. Check it out.

Click for more info