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How to you make your own ringtones, and find the best ringtones?

Music companies and artists are being told "Make your own ringtones NOW!" It is the new marketing phase that is hitting music. Ringtones have become the new, huge surge within the music industry. Techno, and dance music are just the tip of the iceberg, R'n'B artists, even movie and the revival of the 60's sound-a-likes are being zapped into ringtone territory.

To make your own ringtones should easily be part of your music marketing plan, why? Why are music companies are spending millions to get their artists "out there". What do they know about rintones that you don't?

    1) To make your own ringtones is a great marketing tool, as it can be downloaded from your site for free straight to a phone, and remember the internet was built upon free things, and this would increase your credability, and give away a sample of your songs easily (instead of using a large MP3).

    2) Ringtones can also be a great viral marketing tool. Sounds nasty but like a virus once spread it will keep on spreading itself. For instance someone will download a ringtone to their mobile, their friends will hear it (and be told about it), these friends will tell other friends about your ringtone...and you get the large picture now. Many people can hear your songs...this can create a buzz and it can be great news for your internet site, and your music. Within a matter of months you could have loads of traffic, it could easily lead people to download your MP3 files or even to buy your music from you. The potential for this type of marketing is huge.

    3) Do you know which market type is constantly being search for, constantly being groomed by every marketing company? The child to teen group. They by far out strip every other buying group. If you have products that sell to that group, wow...With ringtones, their target group are generally kids to teens, they have an endless supply of money, have ever evolving fads and tastes (they usually want the "in thing" to be ahead of their friends, and they are the biggest music CD, and merchandise buyers. If they have a snipet of the latest Eminem, or Diddy songs then the likliness of them buying the new album, buying their label in clothing increases dramatically. The song also gets marketed (it only needs one teen to let their friends hear a ringtone then, BLAM, the ringtone is vastly popular. Unsure of this teen phenomina? Well, just say the Olsen Twins are generally straight to video stars, but because they appeal to a great target audience, they are now billionaires, with a company, a clothing range, a production company, and other Olsen merchandise. See the potential?

And that my friends, is why you should make your own ringtones and place the strategy in your marketing plan, the ringtone is now king. And making your own ringtones could be one of the best investments that you have ever done.

click here to see how you can make your own tracks for free so you can make your own ringtones

Now there is huge potential waiting to be tapped within ringtones...and guess what? Making your own ringtones and giving them away on your music site is very new, untapped and highly marketable.

There is one well known company that has the best deals on ringtones at the present time and that I could recommend:


The daddy at the present. Huge advertising budget means that most people know about them, and they have a good reliability. They also offer one of the cheapest subscriptions on the net at present, and you have access to loads, and loads of ringtones (and that Crazy Frog thing) from a constantly refreshed database. Their main disadvantage are that 1. You don't get the "make your own ringtones software".

However, for a cool, huge database of gizmos Jamster! is your supplier.


Want to make some cash selling ringtones? I have created a free report online that shows you exactly how to do it. How to sell ringtones - report.

Want to know how to make your own polyphonic ringtones for free, click to find out how

Want to know how to make your own MP3 ringtones for free, click to find out how