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The ultimate guide to make real MP3 ringtones, and converting an MP3 to a ringtone.

Now we can make real MP3 ringtones! This is a full easy, step-by-step guide into how you can make your own mp3 from your own cd collection, using the cheapest software on the net today, and the full functioning free trial software is at your disposal!

Make real MP3 ringtones step 1.

First of all we need to download the software. The best software that I have found (easy mouse clicks, big buttons and in 5 minutes I had a ringtone) has to be the Polyphonic Wizard Ringtone Software. Download this software (7 Meg) at your lesuire and we can carry on.

At the start, skip set-up, we can do that later. As you will notice from when you install the software that you get the main title screen:

real mp3 ringtone maker

It is easy to make real MP3 ringtones. Click on the "Add Real Music Ringtone" and then a little intra browser will come up, and just hunt down your MP3, or WAV file. If you have downloaded MP3 from the various legal MP3 sites, like iTunes, make sure that the files are MP3s and not coded with any anti distribution code. They will tell you, and have options to clear that, but be aware.

Make real MP3 ringtones step 2.

Now we can have a little bit of fun with our song.

real mp3 ringtone maker

We now see the MP3 or WAV in a sample/ waveform format. There are two because its a stereo song.

PLEASE REMEMBER, MP3 ringtones are only about 30 seconds long so find the best part of the song, whether that be the chorus, a cool beat or a kicking rap. You can tell how long the piece is by looking at the bottom dashes (0, 25 seconds, etc).

Now we can cut up the song by left mouse clicking on the sample, a red line appears. Now drag (keeping left mouse button down and moving the mouse) to the area you want to keep, it should go a browny colour when you have highlighted an area. Now click on crop, and anything that is not brown will go. The more you chop down the more defined the sample becomes. Now to add some fun. Go up to effects and click. You should now see a range of effects that you can add to the sample. Again, highlight the area that you would like to be "effected" and anything that is brown will become what ever you chose. Simple and easy. If you found you made a mistake, click on undo. I would personally save all my work before "effecting" it, and if I like it, I save it off after. Remember to add loop if you want the sample to be looped when it is played on the phone. When you like your new real ringtone, click on continue to next step.

Make real MP3 ringtones step 3.

mp3 real ringtone maker

The WAP screen. This is where you choose how your ringtone is going to be sent to your phone. Either via a dial-up modem, or a cable one basically. For the majority of users, direct WAP is applied. Now it shows you a new screen, and checks that you have a suitable connection (make sure you are plugged into the Internet before this stage). Then choose either, services, internet browser, or WAP browser on your mobile phone. Then enter url, or goto url and enter the information that is shown on your screen. Then fire away.

That is it. You have now successfully completed an MP3 ringtone download to your mobile phone!

Is the Polyphonic Wizard Ringtone Software any good to make real MP3 ringtones?

Well yes. The descent trial time period given is more than adequate and I have found it to be a great little software package that once you have bought it, thats it, I recommend it. Software updates come along for you to download in the future. Once you have your own MP3 ringtone maker, there is nothing stopping you making your own MP3 ringtones! Also on some sites there is a limit to how many ringtone downloads you can actually have. With this great little software package there is none of that, and no subscription fee.

With the software you can also add your own JAVA, and pictures/ wallpaper to your mobile in exactly the same process as adding your songs to your mobile. Now that you have learnt how to make real mp3 ringtones, click to find out how to add MIDI to your mobile phone with the polyphonic ringtones creator .

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