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They can change the dimension and character of your techno songs, welcome to the madtracker vst plugins

Madtracker VST plug-ins are free, really cool and can be accessed by pressing on the green/red icon:

madtracker vst plugin

Right-clicking on the black void brings up a list: Favourite, Effect, Other and Synth. Each one can be played through your keyboard, if you have a MIDI keyboard it does help.

When you do load in a Madtracker VST synth you must take care and adjust the channel which it is assigned to. When you click on any VST it says track at the top. Make sure that the track number measures upto the track where you want that VST active. If it is a synth VST make sure that the inputed sample number are the same.

madtracker vst

In other words, everytime you add a synth or any sort of instrument VST, it adds them to the instrument list in the order that you inputed them.

The best free Madtracker VST has got to be Superwave P8, found in the synth section. This is a great versatile synth that has countless opportunities.

madtracker vst

Go through the presets and just enjoy each one. Some though work when you keep the key pressed opening up an all new sound. The best part is adjusting all the knobs and buttons. Because there are many presets you can see how each sound is made up and then you can adjust the various buttons to suit. Using the presets at the start is a great idea, but adding your own tweak to the sound is where you find real gems.

Once you do find a sound that you like, you can use the FX section and make some more improvements (remember to assign the FX to the channel that you like). Also you can add more plug-ins to each track housing your instrument. Remember the more plug-ins you have the more memory, and CPU heavy it gets. Also too many plug-ins can can distort and overrun the sample until it become too unusable.

MT2 has many effect plug-ins, but the best general one has to be Frohmage.

madtracker vst plugin

This great free Madtracker VST plug-in adds some grit, analog filtering and some cool effects. Again go through the preset set-ups are a good idea and playing with the dials is great fun, I especially like "yellow cheese smells bad", cool name and a good preset.

I have to admit though, Frohmage is only at the top of the effects list because the other effect, OhmBoyz, is really really good but a white noise comes in after a bit of time and only goes if you buy the $40 pro version. Ashame because it is a really good effect.

For general use, that should be applied as "master- covering all your channels at least" is VB_Striptool_V1.dll and can be found in the other category. I is a useful tool that can add bass, tightens up the sound, adds more volume, adds a filter and does general studio work for you. A great little VST.

If you want a little single hit drum machine Drumatic 3 is as good as any. To use it on the keyboard, the octave has to be around 2, therefore by pressing F2 will allow you to mess around with the sounds on the top layer of the keyboard (q to p and numbers).