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Play The Piano, Or Not? Keep On Asking That Question And Watch Your Audience Drift To Those Who Do.

To play the piano brings images into most peoples minds of stuffy music, someone proped up on a stool and no electronic noise in sight.

The piano however is one of those instruments that can lead to other things and is where most musicians started. If you want to learn the guitar and you have just learnt the piano then the guitar is much easier to learn.

If you want to bang out a tune then the piano is one of the easiest methods to do this. If you do not learn an instrument you can still make music but it is harder. For example. When Wes, the lead guitarist from Limp Biscuit left the group Fred Durst found it hard to make a single tune after the guy left. He went to guitar lessons but couldn't do it. Eventually they had to advertise for a replacement, but by then it was too late, Limps went down.

Piano playing is also one of the easiest instruments to get to grips with. There are 12 keys in reality, just repeated throughout the whole of the piano there is not really that many things to learn.

Here are a 5 tips that should help you play the piano:

  • While strengthening your hands and fingers and gaining coordination in them is important, your brain will naturally begin to tune things out after a prolonged period of time. When learning a piece or practicing scales, use a little variety to keep your mind interested. Doing this will strengthen your memory.
  • Do not develop bad habits as you strive to play the piano as these can impair your playing ability in the future. Instead, resolve to follow a regimented practice routine when learning or improving upon techniques. You may find that doing so allows you to learn to play pieces efficiently in half the time it would normally take. But, make sure to also give yourself some time to "just play" during your practice session. Balance is productive.
  • When learning to play a new piece, begin by playing with only one hand. Learn the hand movements and play the piece with each hand separately. If you are right-handed, this exercise will strengthen your left hand. Once you know how to play the piece with each hand separately, you may be surprised how easy it is to play it with both hands.
  • If you're a little shy and want to practice at home, get a portable electronic keyboard to learn to play piano easily. There are some very inexpensive ones that work as well as a Korg or a Roland. These keyboards even allow you to plug a headphone so no one else hears your playing. Just buy one with full-sized keys because the really cheap ones can have smaller-sized keys. If your fingers get used to smaller keys, you might have some trouble adjusting if you begin playing a full-sized piano in the future.
  • Nobody learned to play the piano practicing only when they felt like it. Even the virtuosos played the piano as often as they can. Playing this instrument requires teaching your hand and mind to remember motions and learn to associate notes with the black and white keys on the piano. Practice for at least half an hour everyday or about 4 to 5 days a week is one way to teach yourself to play piano easily.

What else...

I think alot of people get the idea of how to play the piano and music theory muddled up. Sure they compliment each other beautifully. Writing down music, understanding it, putting emotion and feeling into your tracks, making tracks regularly, going to that extra level in music making.

So I have made a Beginners Guide To Becoming A Piano Playing Master.

easy piano playing

With this you will be able to play the piano, with your left and right hand. Understand music, have many exercises to complete and learn from in your own time.

However, because I know that music theory and piano playing go hand in hand, I have included a Beginners Guide To Becoming A Music Theory Master as well!

Please note, Music theory is not dull at all. If you want to make your tracks proper, long lasting, full of emotion and actually have everything fit together simply, then music theory makes that happen.

If you want to check out what music theory is all about, and I think you should- you will be amazed at how well your music will flourish then have a look here: Learn to play the piano easily with music theory.

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