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Internet music marketing is a BIG thing. No Marketing = No Money - FACT.

However not all is lost, Internet music marketing for the musician is great, the main plus point that you have is:

  • (usually) the music is yours that you are promoting. That is a good thing and puts you ahead by 90% of any contract business or label.

  • You will have the drive, the motivation, the determination to get your songs heard because they are yours. Your creation, that you have spent many hours moulding- and you want to see your efforts noticed! The other biggy plus point is that you get all the profits.

The best two tips of advice that any internet music marketing musician should have can be found on 2 golden rules of Internet music marketing.

I have complied a list of Internet music marketing articles that should help you along the way to Internet music marketing success. The best thing about the articles is the unmentioned golden rule number three. They utilise the best Internet concept of them all- they don't cost anything to implement, other than time. They are all free.

Why should they be free? Strange question but when I hear of something being free, I sometimes think "is that going to be of good quality?", but the best marketers out in Internet land spend little and gain much.

If you spend out alot and get little in return then there is no point in that marketing plan. That is why all, and I mean all marketing plans are tracked (given pages regarding a promotional techniques and then test how many visitors click into that page and then how many buy a product).

Not one Internet music marketing guru will start with anything that costs. Banner ads don't work, big ads on web sites do not work...there are alot of "don't works" out there, web sites who get money for hosting your ad will say they work...of course they will, they won't tell you that banner ad click throughs have plummeted drastically, they won't tell you how to track a static ad because you can't, therefore we don't want to know that form of advertising.

That is fundamental, never ever spend more on marketing than what you actually make in sales. For example: Richard Branson, chairman of Virgin, started off Virgin as a record selling company. What did he do at the start to promote his company? He went round to concerts, festivals and music group meetings and handed out leaflets to everyone. He also placed small ads in free music papers and magazines. he had a trickle of custom, word spread that the company was faithful to its customers (being prompt and supplying hard to find records) and then the trickle turned into a torrent. He then had the idea of becoming a record company.

So without further a do, below will be an ever growing list of free articles that you, the Internet music marketing musician can use to promote your own songs. If you haven't got your own songs, and you want to make them simply, easily and of course, be free to do, click here to make your own techno songs.

*Do you want to keep up-to-date daily with music marketing developments, have access to articles and ebooks? The Internet Music Marketing Blog is a free resource listing the easiest ways to sell and make money on your music site*

  • It is a fact that blogging and community sites can vastly increase your sales (up to 600%). So here is a review of the best blog resource out there at the present time.

  • One technique that is used by big corporations, but hardly touched (or even worse still, used to negatively tarnish own sites) method of attracting and rewarding visitors. this article also includes a special promotion that is a kept secret but can attract hundreds of visitors...from your competition.

  • 20 Money Making Music BluePrints
    After much debate and many emails saying that this ebook should be released to musicians...I caved into pressure and I am now offering it as a free download. If you want to make money with your site these blueprints offer a way for you to do just that...with ease and with no expendature. With over 80 pages full of info (no advert ebook or fluff). You can download and read it here for free (right click and then "save target as" on the link).

    The eBook is created in Adobe Acrobat file format. (PDF file). If you don't have the Adobe software for this file, you can download and install it for free.

  • Most people have heard of www.Clickbank.com. An affiliates dream. All you have to do is look around Clickbank's marketplace find a product that matches your sites theme, sign up to the makers affiliate program (for free) and then promote it. It is that easy. To see what I mean, here is a free report in pdf on how to make some serious cash with Clickbank.

  • A Bonkersly Easy (and Simple) Way To Supercharge Traffic To Buy From Your Music Site. Check it out here.

  • The real truth to making your own record label.

  • Competitions can greatly increase interest in your site, they can also have other advantages.

  • Richard Branson did it, so how and where can promotional flyers be put into your marketing strategy?

  • Off-line marketing that increases your traffic.

  • A new era in Internet marketing, very new, and can double your traffic and profits.

  • The easiest and biggest potential growth internet music marketing idea is the ringtone. Very big, but not utilised at all by the small music site.