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Not getting anywhere with your music? Easily increase your downloads with these 5 simple techniques.

How do you increase your download rate, or even get people to click on your tracks?

What I did find while searching for top tracks is that there are some major put-offs, things that I found that put me off clicking through or even recommending the tracks or artists. What were they? Glad you asked :)

1. The music wasn't what was described. If you like a certain style then you download that style, and you get pretty miffed if that track is not what you thing. I think it is spamming- labeling tracks as a whole host of different genres, so that people will click through, but I then clicked out.

2. Some of the tracks were rubbish. Now I am not the best listener to tracks, but I am the public- who these musicians would like to download their tracks. However, if they are putting nearly finished tracks on their site or even worse still, advertising a track "a first track one that I dug out of my hardrive, its old now". What is the point of it being there? Please explain this too me. This one artist was then selling an album on the same site. Are the tracks going to be polished or rough old ones? That artist lost trust, credibility, and sales. That one sentence lost my respect. Never ever put on a site that will be viewed by the public unfinished or unpolished songs. And never admit that the tracks are poor! These songs will not be admitted to the best unsigned techno music pages, and therefore not to everyone elses.

3. Be true about your music. If your music is the best since music was invented then you would be on the TV, with your own music video and some major cash in your pocket. I have lost count to how many sites have had "best techno eva!!!", or "the best in the USA". No you are not. The public know who and what are good, and they will make up their own minds.

3a. Following on from point 3 really. Be descriptive, true and even state an nfluence. The public do not know who you are, and to get that initial click through to your site (from whole load of other similar artists) you need those following thoughts. For example. "Constantly updated hard techno with a funky flavour. Site includes remixes of my influences: Carl Cox, Hardfloor, Aphex Twin." Nice, simple and direct. Now I have caught the attention from fans of the 3 named influences and the techno fans. If you have won a chart etc then place that in there as well- it adds to the credibility.

4. Even though that alot of these MP3 hosting sites are really cool and free, a link back to your homepage would be a good idea. It will give you some traffic, a bit of a better credibility factor, a good link from the site (goes well with search engines). It just states that you are serious and you can then make some cash with your music- I don't know what the click through ratings are like to buy that certain track, but I would be not far from the mark if they were very, very low. You own site would increase this- because you would use point number 6.

5. GIVE YOUR MP3S AWAY!!! Some artists do, alot don't. I have written articles, I have stated many times on this site that that is the only way to increase someone buying your tracks, it also increases your tracks being spread around on the Internet- GAINING YOU RESPECT. FREE stuff SELLS priced up stuff- FACT! Giving a link back to your site (where the stuff you sell are kept) will entice the public back to buy your MP3/ Album. Unsigned techno music artists have a great deal, they have to answer to no-one, so they can give away free stuff- they are not loosing out, just gaining. Oh yeah. Sell your album at a much lower rate that the shops. Selling it at $10 is not a good idea. If the record companies are having major difficulty selling CDs you are going to have a hard ride. $10 for 2 albums is good, for 3 it would be even better.

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