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by Carlos

My name is Carlos. I was born in March 1992. I am a very talented person when it cames to music. My talent is basically raw because I didnt go to school or didnt have a teacher. I started making music in November 2007 BY MY SELF. I have now 15 tracks and 1 remix. My last 2 tracks are more proffesional than the others. My favorite songs are "Qlimax and Dream of you" I also like my remix "You never said you love me". THOSE ARE MY FAVORITE 3 SONGS.

I really want my music to be heard because NOBODY has heard my music yet. and i know that somehow my music will be heard worldwide.
Well i really want to thank you for spending your time reading this and i am looking forward for your response.

You can listen to my music at
Thank you.

I have to say I like HTs music. "You Never Said" is pretty cool, catchy and not boring at all. Keep it up, they are good

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