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The gap has now been bridged, the Internet has made techno making simpler, and much cheaper, especially when we have a free techno maker

Usually with a free techno maker, something is usually wrong, there is a flaw. However this one will make techno music professionally? Make sure though that you have gone through the tutorials using FT2 as they will help alot.

The next piece of software up from FT2 to make your own techno music is Madtracker 2. So what is it?

This is probably the least understood, potentially groundbreaking free techno maker to come out of tracker land. Yes it is a tracker but it is so powerfully much more.

So what can this offer to help you make techno music better than FT2?

The main points are:

1) it allows you to play with 65 channels (double FT2- I can hear the shouts of joy).

2) Its 32 bit,

3) has proper MIDI link up,

4) its a FREE techno maker (time unlimited),

5) allows you to add effects to channels (phaser, stero delay, even 303 analogue filter effects)

6) it allows you to play with plug-ins (more on this later).

7) it can also load in Mactintosh (.aif) samples as well as WAV- this opens up many music sample sites as well as stopping you from purchasing/ having the hastle of converters.

8) there are future updates in the pipeline.

Madtracker is generally the software that bridges the gap between normal tracker programmes and sequencers such as Cubase. It offers the best of both worlds- an easy to use tracker system with a great deal of sound synthesis and functions offered by the pricey sequencers. Can I just add the new Cubase that has come out, the lite version, about $80-100 if not more has only 64 channels :)

This free techno maker, it sounds to good to be true, so what is the catch?

Well at the moment the only ones that I can see are 1) if you want to have full freedom a MIDI keyboard is a must.

2) It is a free techno maker, however, If you use the free version, you can only save as .MT2 format (WAV saving is used for the $40 pro version), this isn't really a problem but trying to get a player for the .mt2 format is, Winamp does one but getting it to work is the trick.

You can download the Winamp plug-in for .mt2 tracks here.3) Some of the plug-ins (OhmBoyz VST effect only) offer a time limited version of their effect then they add some white noise over their respective effect (there are some effects out there, free ones discussed later, that cover this though).

So this is what we have been waiting for, it is awesome. If you are used to FT2 then this will be a breeze and you will welcome the additional features. What I have been doing...daily, is to load in my FT2 modules and then use all the effects, all the plug-ins. Some of the old XMs have been transformed, they really have, into some really cool tunes, and this is also a cool remixing method- as with just plug-ins you can transform a track into something completely different.

Want to download it? Well there are two versions. A big 14MB version with some plug-ins, samples and free songs which can be downloaded from here.. The other version is smaller and contains some samples but no plug-ins, this version can be downloaded from here.

On first look the user interface looks quite impressive:

madtracker techno maker

If you first go to edit/ configuration and set up MT2 to your specifications.

If you go to file then either load up an XM (Fastracker song) or one of Madtrackers tunes (found in MT2s songs folder). If you load up an XM you can convert and then use the various FX functions, go to MODE then press yes.

As you can see the set out, and how it works is very similar to FT2 (our starter free techno maker). The main points are:

1 Pressing the up arrow by the tracks title, the amount of channels increases upto 65.

2 Click on the FX button to see the FX you can use. There is one thing to remember. The FX that you use can only be used on that specific channel. For example: TRACK click down which track you want effected (the effect will occur throughout the track until the end of the song). EFFECT Choose the effect that you would like to use. You can have no effect, delay, stereo delay, filter, flange, analog filter, distortion, mpReverb, and mpReverb2. Once clicked on one of the FX you can then customise that FX.

By clicking on automation, it...erm...automates the FX through your pattern. It takes you to a blue screen of vertical lines corresponding to the lines on the pattern. This is where you can alter the variables of that FX. By right clicking on the blue screen will bring up a point (zero) at the left side and then right clicking along the screen at different levels (up or down the screen) alters the variable. This is especially cool for when you use the analog filter or distortion.

Now that we have got to general grips with Madtracker, click to see what this free techno maker has to offer in the VST department

Click here to make a great techno beat using the free techno maker, MT2.

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