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Where can I get quality free techno loops?

Free techno loops are obviously one the best techno loops that you can get. However, have you recently done a search of techno samples within Google? Well, all I can say is that there are some really poor pages out there that have literally 10 samples and thats your lot, and you only find them through page upon page of pop-ups. Or there are only a handfull of loops but you have to buy the rest...not really free loops. That has to stop.

I have gone on to, almost, every free techno loops site, and have started to make a list of the best sites out there. Non are affiliated, non have paid to be here. They have all been chosen for their great content, good layout, and free access. If you think I have left out a site of worthy content, then drop me an email at: besttechno@make-your-own-dance-and-techno-songs.com

One important tip. Some of the files I have found are in the .aiff, Ogg Vorbis or MP3 format. If you want the techno samples or loops in another format the best thing to do is to convert. Now the best free converter is Audacity. It is a sampler, so you just load in the sample then save it off as the file type of your choice. Easy and free.

Using the links below you will find absolutely loads of samples for you to choose from and they will keep you going for some time. So have fun!

Best Free Techno Loops Site:


YourBeats. A well sorted out and organised site. Many free beats (10 samples per page and there was 171 pages at time of writing).


Best Free Techno Loops Site:


FreeLoops. Again a fresh, clean site that offers a wealth of free loops. Also houses some sample CDs. Another recommended site.

Great Beats & Loops Site:


YourBeats. A well sorted out and organised site. Many free beats

Free Techno Loops Site:

AnalogueSamples. I really like this site. It shouts at you "techno!" when you load up, and they have done a great job of hosting some quality samples. One of the best parts of the site has to be the synth museum. Some 75 classic synths are reliably sampled and fully downloadable, from the Moog to the great JD800 (there are 20 packs of samples, ranging from 1.5MB to 10MB for this machine alone). One site not to miss.

Free Techno Loops Site:

free techno loops site

Looperman. A clean and respected site that has what you want where you want it. Fully grouped and zipped samples are up for download. The site has also some guest samples (could this idea be implemented on your site?). A good site.

Free Techno Loops Site:

free techno loops site

SoundCentral. A full site that has many samples with descriptions (the Juno60 page has 10 downloads per page...and there are 10 pages). Navigate using the links on the left to bring up the samples on the mainpage. The site is undergoing refirbishment, but don't let put you off, the site is up-and-running.

Free Techno Loops Site:

free techno loops site

LoopMasters . Good clean site, dedicated to predominantly beats and beat loops of a mixed genre. they have WAV and MP3 samples. A top techno sample site.

Free Techno Loops Site:

free techno loops site

Killerbeats . A very professional site that has many loops and samples, with description and reviewed (remember download the samples anyway, a sample, however strange or iffy it is, can always find a place in music). The site has many pages of samples and also includes other styles like jungle/ drum and bass, disco etc.

Cool Techno Samples Site:

free techno loops site

DJSamples . A good looking site with some cool samples. I have referred you to the free section- I know there are pay-to-hear samples, but the free samples are of good quality and should be recommended. Stick with those and you should be fine.

Do you have a sample site that is worth talking about?

If so, enter it below and why it is so good, and tell everyone about it! Then people can review and rate it. The best stay, the worst get deleted!

What Other Visitors Have Said

Click below to see contributions from other visitors to this page...

more loops websities ,but they're paid  Not rated yet
Best for techno/trance are :
-vengeance,mutekki,ubershall,hardsamples,bigfish studio.


Beatluxe.com - drum loops evolved  Not rated yet
Beatluxe.com offers high quality drum loops for Techno, House, Tech House, Electro House, Minimal, Drum & Bass etc.

There are free and premium loops,...

button beats  Not rated yet
Buttonbeats.com is the best sample site I have seen They are not downloadable, but you can play them right on the site. really good stuff.


Buttonbeats ...

Soundsnap  Not rated yet
Try Soundsnap- http://www.soundsnap.com/. Not exactly professionaly kept, but if you sort through the junk you can find alot of decent quality loops and ...

One thing that is really overlooked when you do visit the above sites is that alot of people, myself included, miss the FX samples and go straight into the bases or the lead sections. If you can stop off at the techno FX sample section. It is a must. Why? Well some of the sounds sounds unusable but there is a song and a track for every sample going (Pendulum- a top drum and bass act, even use a brass band in one of their songs). FX can also lift a song up- linking a chorus or verse together giving the audience a "cool or a whats that factor". An effect and even vocals once mashed up in a sampler can be a really cool instrument in itself.

Experiment with any sound effect that comes your way. In a time where there are alot of artists out there, finding a track that stands out will be down to experimentation with techno samples of every type, giving a fresh edge to an ever evolving genre.

Now that we have our free techno loops, what on earth can we do with them?

What do you do if you have loops at different speeds? Click here for the free tutorial on how to use Acid Pro in creating different tempo loops

The best thing is to make our own techno, first up though we need to sort out our hard-drive and download the free, easy to use sequencer. You can do this from our free techno loops guide