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Before Spending Out Loads, Check Out These Cool Free Electric Piano VSTs.

The Internet and (cheaper technology) has made free application like the electric Piano VSTs so much more professional. To a point they have caught the manufacturers off guard.

This can only be good for the consumer who is going to get a great deal. Why?

Well the manufacturers will increase their game, offering great sounds and advancement in their engines while decreasing the cost of their software. However, on the other hand the freeware market will always reflect the manufacturers technology within their own software- so in time you will get the same applications, but much cheaper...well for free.

This is where the electronic Piano VSTs come into their own. I have seen many VSTs (softsynths that you load into a host software and play) for $50 and over. They are ok, but how about if you want just one sound? Would you want to pay for a piece of software for one sound?

No, neither would I. So I have found some of the best free electric Piano VSTs on the Internet to date. Some carry donationware slogans, so if you make a track with their work send it to them- it's appreciation.

Best Free Electronic Piano VST #1- Mr Ray

piano vst mr ray

Now I nearly didn't write this page because of this little VST. It is great. That is all I can say. It has some of the most lovely sounding presets and the dials are easy to manipulate. And within one minute I was creating new sounds, just by randomly adjusting dials and switches.

The sounds themselves range from great little electric piano sounds, tweaked piano sounds, all the way to guitar plinks and pad sounds. Absolutely a must download: Mr Ray.

Best Free Electronic Piano VSTs #2- MDA Piano

piano vst mda piano

Now, I don't know about you but when hunting for some piano sounds I always seem to go to samples. I have found it hard to find a good piano sound. Until now that is. MDA have built a stonking piano VST that sounds believable. Unfortunately you can't seem to find a download site that works well. So I have uploaded it to my site, and you can download it from there: MDA Piano.

Best Free Electronic Piano VSTs #3- Neumixturtrautonium

piano vst Neumixturtrautonium

A great sounding name and the idea behind it comes from an electronic piece of kit that was made in the 1920s. The Trautonium has a famous sound- the bird call in Alfred Hitchcocks "The Birds". The VST looks very basic when you load it up, but please do not delete it. It feautres four sub-harmonic oscillators, chorus style effects, reverb, pitchshifter effects. it might take a bit of time to get used to and even messing around is going to take a while. It is not as straight forwayd as Mr Ray, but has some good sounds. It can be downloaded from here: Neumixturtrautonium.

Best Free Electronic Piano VSTs #3- LazySnake

piano vst lazysnake

For those of you who downloaded the cool VST PolyIblit, Andreas Ersson has come back with Lazy Snake. It is a slinky electronic piano emulation and features tremolo, Midi learn and automation, and it is skinable. I don't believe it is better than Mr Ray I have to say. It sounds good enough, but it seems like you need to add some other effects to it to make it sound...stronger. You can download it from here: Electronic Piano VSTs- LazySnake.

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