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From: Dominic Hough

Hi free DJ software searcher ;)

No need to search endlessly for Free DJ software and getting buggy, virus filled 30 day trials.

Right now you can have access to the best free DJ software, DJ guides, DJ tips and resources to make your own top remixes...all for FREE.

Using the techniques that I will show you is just the tip of the iceberg.

Professional DJs and R'n'B artists are using similar techniques and making a fortune. They are increasing also their presence, and increasing traffic to their sites- increasing even more sales!


"How do you add your own loops, samples and beats to MP3s that you already have?" 

It is a common question that I get asked.

With the guides that I have made and the free DJ software, it is a really simple process. Taking you through using free, very powerful sampling software, and then using more free software, the process is a cinch!

Some sites don't allow this information as it ruins their commission rates as they try to sell you $200+ bits of software.

If you haven't got any loops that you like. I will give you FREE access to a Pro sampler and a free drum machine- to add extra substance to your mixes.


"I don't have any MP3s that I can use in my mixes"

There are plenty of MP3 sites on the Internet...however:

    1. most are illegal (increasing the rate of viruses and hacks)

    2. some don't offer the tunes that you want

    3. they are sampled at "tape recorder quality"!

    4. Some are the web site master's rendition-....they are about- you know who you are, oh dear :)

I will show you how to download from the 3 best MP3 sites on the Internet (with a total amount of over 3 million commercial MP3s), legally, and to use in your tunes, without paying anything.

I will show you how famous DJs are increasing their downloads, and keeping up-to-date, staying ahead of the competition with new songs which no-one else has.

With these free resourses I will show you how to make your own mix CDs, with ease.

I will also show you some cool places where you can actually learn how to use real turntables.


How do you do those MTV style two tunes mixing?

Bootlegging and mashup music are really hot at the moment. The demand for these two types of music making has rocketed recently. A phenominal amount of interest from record companies, and from the public has made these two music producion style really the now music making techniques.

Bootleg music is: (mixing 2 tunes together to make one cool one).

Mash-up music is: (mixing your own sounds and samples into one or more commercial music tracks).

I will show you how to so them with my free tutorials, no worries there ;)

With my easy step-by-step guides I will lead you through the process. Also showing you places to find actually which 2 songs to mix together, then using the free DJ software- you can be one step ahead of your competition, releasing tracks that have only just come out.

The most popular question ever asked is this:


We are having trouble removing voices and instruments from our favourite song

I have listed 4 simply easy ways that it can be done.

Strangely some sites state that it can not be done. One site I visited recently was offering software that didn't work- for over $20!.

I have found some sneaky ways around the voice removal problem to 100% success- so you can add more songs to your free DJ software.


Surely I have to pay for the ebook... don't I?

No. The ebook is totally free.


Ok. It sounds cool. So where do I download it from?


"Right-click" and then "save target as"on this link.

The eBook is created in Adobe Acrobat file format. (PDF file). If you don't have the Adobe software for this file, you can download and install it for free.




Regards, and happy music making.

Dominic Hough.

Webmaster of: Author of: How To Become A Top DJ- The Guide- Using free DJ software and tips to become a top DJ


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