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How To Master The "DJs Software" In Your Free Ableton Live Tutorials

If you are new to Ableton, these free Ableton Live tutorials will help you out...big time.

The new kid on the block, Ableton has transformed music making beating up fellow sequencers with ease. Who uses Ableton Live? Pete Tong, Coldcut, Dylan Rhymes...and about every Dj on the planet...Ok that is an understatement...forget the ones that haven't made it :)

If you are a DJ, Ableton allows you to literally throw two separate tempo tracks together...say the magic word...and hey presto a joined up, perfectly in sync track.

Below are links to the tutorials. I have incorporated the main part idea of the Mash Up- this is what makes Ableton so cool.

Please note however, if you need to work Ableton properly you will need a USB keyboard. This will allow you to turn dials and knobs on the keyboard which will affect Ableton in realtime. Using a keyboard rather than a mouse when you use Abletons onboard synths is just much easier. I have arranged and reviewed the best USB keyboards here.

Below is my Youtube screengrab footage of an MTV Music Mash up- that is throwing two tracks that are very different and mixing them up so they sound cool.

MTV originally did the mash and I have recreated it here, in 4 parts (due to Youtubes 10min length only rule), lasting 30mins. I have also added a better beat to the one that they did, and added some effects to make it sound...better.

The following tutorials use three MP3s:

1. Prodigy- Smack My Bitch Up
2. Enya- orinoco Flow
3. Vitalic- Phoney Part 1.


Free Ableton Live 5 tutorials: Mash Up Part 1.

Free Ableton Live tutorials: Mash Up Part 2.

Free Ableton Live tutorials: Mash Up Part 3.

Free Ableton Live tutorials: Mash Up Part 4.

Click on the link to continue with the free ableton live tutorials to see how to add some cool effects to your tunes.

If you want to make music for free, rather than spending $200+ on Ableton, using professional techniques, click here to find out more.