Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Qs).

Too good to be true? Still unsure? See the most commonly asked questions and replies.

From: Dominic Hough

Hi there!

Below are real questions asked by real visitors to this site and buyers of the ebook.


FAQ 1.

Do I have to view everything online or do I have to print it all off? Also why is it in Adobe PDF, I haven't used that before?

I would really save everything off onto your hardrive and work on them from there. Some people find it easier to print off and read when they want. Others prefer to read "on the screen".  Luckily you don't have to print everything at the same time. Once downloaded, in  Adobe's PDF Reader you can state which pages you would like to print.

 I use PDF because it is transportable through different platforms (Windows, Mac users etc). However, at the very start of the ebook I go into detail on how to navigate through the ebook, especially using bookmarks which jump you through to any chapter you want, just by clicking on the link.

You will also receive a link to go to the video tutorials which are complimentary to the ebook, so printing things off is a good idea as you can read and watch at the same time if you wish.


FAQ 2.

It all sounds too good to be true, but how can everyone be a top success?

It does sound too good I agree and I have had a problem with that, trying to state to people "this is what you can achieve, this is what you can do". The two songs that that I created as Superduel (timetotell etc) were created by me using the techniques that are in the ebook, nothing else. All the tunes that your hear in the webvideo are from the Tracker element without any softsynths. I created my tracks because no-one believed that it could be done with a "tracker", so I tried to prove them wrong :)

The problem comes in that there are many people out there already producing music, spending out alot of money to do so, so any way to reduce that cost is a bonus- whether that be reducing sequencing cost, marketing costs etc. I can show you how to do it for the most reduced cost ever...

It is up to you to become a success eventually though. I can show you how to do it, but if you do not go ahead and invest the time needed then you won't achieve any success. For example there are thousands of ebooks out there about marketing, how to be a millionaire in a week etc. Out of the thousands that download these ebooks, none if only 1 will ever be a millionaire. The tips and the guidance are there but it is actually about doing it. You may have some ups and you may have some lows, no one is going to say other wise, but you should be saying "I am going to do this".

I have kept in contact with most of the ebook buyers. Some are starting to produce music at the moment- or they have integrated my work into their own set-ups- complimenting their music making. 


FAQ 3.

I haven't seen any dates for all does that mean the techniques are getting old?

I  like your questions :) I did everything in 2006, and wrote about it while I was actually doing it.

The thing is the Internet is an ever changing playing field, you have some good things appear- if they are really good they stay around (rss, feeds etc), if they are not up to scratch then they fall by the way-side. Fads come and fads go, however the Internet has some principles that stay where they are...always.

For example, people thought that when RSS came out email would die. It hasn't and it won't do for some time. So in the ebook I have covered the main principles that you will need to get your music heard. I have also covered some aspects that you can dabble with. But I will not give you something that I haven't tried myself or that I know is not going to work, it is a waste of time for everyone- so when you see "1000 ways to promote your site" some will be good some will be bad, I don't want the bad ones included anywhere.

The ebook will in time become old, it is only right that will happen, then it will get updated. But the things in there that do work, will still work. It is only if you put in the time and the effort. For example, gigs, they are a tried and trusted way to promote you and your work, full proof. However some people do not want to do that, that is unfortunate, because it is a great way of promotion and I doubt that it will fade away any time soon.


FAQ 4.

I have no experience so how what can I do and how much can I make?


What I do know is that you have every chance as everyone else on the Internet. Some will make it, some will not, that is just how it goes. But you have got an unfair advantage in that your costs will be 90% less than anyone elses. The Internet makes going it alone totally fine hence it makes it so much more accessable to everyone.

The worse that could happen is that you don't make any money directly from your songs- however if you sort out a few things and apply some techniques to your site then you should make some cash even if it is to pay the hosting fees (I show you how to do all of that).

The best that can happen? You get a record contract or you do everything solo and make a bit of cash. The interviewed artists in the ebook have done it. They have got  cash, record contract, CDs etc so it can be done.

But again it comes down to effort. What you put in is what you will get out. Some of the people who make money on the radio stations put in a huge amount of time (7 hrs/ day +) but they get alot of money from doing so- so its their job now- and they are enjoying every little bit of it.

The people in the ebook that have done something for themselves have got the success but they put in alot of time and effort.

But ultimately low music experience doesn't really matter initially. I have proved that. With some sequencers you do need soo much time. With my methods you don't. I don't assume that you know a thing. We start from the basics and work up. You have to start somewhere, everyone has to.


FAQ 5.

I have never done this before, so how do I actually get all the stuff ?

What you need to do is click on the "click here to purchase" button. Once you have done that you will go to a highly secure server where you input your details. Make sure that this is fully complete with no missing stages.

After that you will be sent to an acknowledgement screen where you input your email address. Make sure that you read the screen fully as it contains passwords to the internet videos. You will then be sent an email with downloading details for the ebook and bonuses.


FAQ 6.

I like the ebook and I want to download it, but what if I get stuck or if I can not download anything. Sorry, but I have been burnt before?

Don't apologise. On the acknowledgement screen (FAQ 5) there is a direct email address to me regarding the products. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact. If you forget to download, miss the page, your computer crashes, your family pull out the power supply- you can easily get the download links by emailing me your name and receipt number.


FAQ 7.

I need video to visualise what I do, but I don't have to download those as well do I?

You don't have to if you don't want to. All the video (screen captures) are in 800X600 resolution, with CD quality sound and are over 4 hours long. They add up to over 400MB. They are therefore accessed on the web through a flash player (details on Flash are on the video playing page) on a secure webpage.


FAQ 8.

There are other music makers out there, more expensive ones. Why then should I get your ebook when it is so cheap especially with all the added stuff?

Alot of the music packages out there are just that, music making packages. Alot are expensive for what they are, and  I don't believe that they are beginner orientated at all.

Most assume that you have some knowledge. Or they show you how to make music in such a basic way your creativity is very limited. Or you need to keep on adding various "expansion sounds"- increasing the cost of the original program. So the $35-$150 package might seem good at the time but you will need to work upto a better package/ additional extras later...spending much more money.

I assume that you know nothing, so we can build upon that. I then show you how to market your tunes and yourself, and how to make a residual income with what you enjoy- all built into the same 1 package.

Remember, music making is such a small aspect of the whole bigger picture. You need to get your tunes "out there". How will you make it if no one knows that you are there? Please note- posting on MySpace just doesn't cut it anymore (as the bonus ebook shows you).

The Beginners Guide is not just a music making ebook, it is the whole package- a full guide in getting your own music out there and noticed. For the beginner in every aspect.

It is cheap because when at the beginning I was short of money most packages were out of my price range. I assume that there is alot of people out there that are like me at that stage. Sure I could raise the price, but that makes music making out of reach for people, it shouldn't be exclusive.

Everyone who wants to do it, can now do it- that was my ultimate goal. I think I have succeeded.


FAQ 9.

I like House music. Does the ebook show how to do other styles of music like House?

The ebook has been designed to make any sort of electronic music. Most electronic genres share the same basic design so creating one type and moving onto the next is quite simple.

The ebook shows you how, with examples. If you want to see more examples of various styles played with similar principles check out this link and click on "music".


Regards, and good luck.

Dominic Hough.

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