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Earn money with Adsense? Earn alot of cash with little fuss. How can I?

To earn money with adsense is pretty easy. Google adsense is a product that has been virtually made for content sites, it loves them. So what is it all about?

Well, do you know those little ad boxes on websites ("ads by Gooooooogle"), even the ones that are on the right hand side on the Google search engine site. Those are Google Adsense.


Everytime someone clicks on one of the links in the boxes then Google, and the hosting website gets a percentage of that cost for the web ad.

Earn money with adsense. Point 1.

It is a good idea in that:

1) Google finds the advertisers,
2) Google pays you on time and at the right price,
3) You just host the ads and Google gives you the code.
4) Google branding of your site.
5) No more wasted clicks as in affiliate systems when the advertisers site is poor- one click = payment.

Its a no muss no fuss time of arrangement. What are the downsides, there has to be some right?

Earn money with adsense. Point 2.

Yep there are some:

1) You can not tell anyone really how much you make, or any stats that you make/ find from your adsense ads.
2) You can not adjust the code that Google makes for you- if you want to adjust it you have to go through your own admin area.
3) There are alot of rules that need to be adhered to, so read them carefully.
4) You really need an average, constant visitor number of 50 to make adsense work. Obviously the more visitors you have the more chance someone will click on your adsense ads.
5) The advertiser money can change- sometimes budgets change in the offline world that affects the online buget- so some weeks you could get payment on one keyword being $1, and onother week or month it could be $0.50.

Earn money with adsense. Point 3.

$1 per keyword? Wow, What are the keywords worth? You can actually see how much advertisers pay for keywords, by using SearchIt! (a great free resourse. Find keywords, and just about anything.

For keyword costs click on moniterization in step 1. Step 2, click on "what are keywords worth". Then in step 3 type in the topic you want to know...easy!) Some keywords are much more expensive than others. If you check ones like "hosting" compared to "vegetables" you will notice a huge difference. Should you make pages that are Adsense savvy? Well if the content matches the adsense so be it. You will find alot of adsense ads that will find your target audience and web content.

If you think about it though, you can have hosting adsense ads on any website.


Earn money with adsense cash tip:

There are many websites out there that forget this fundamental thought. You have a website, and you have traffic visiting that site. Well a large percentange of those will love to know how you actually built that site. They want to know how you did it from the floor up, including what hosting, what credit card facilities you use, to what webpage maker you use.

This can easily be made into a free ebook (with affiliate links interwoven within the text), or you can dedicate a page to "how I made this site", then have subtopics of various methods- hosting, html editors etc. Then hey presto you can then add your adsense ads to those pages.

This is where SiteSells 5 Pillar affiliate system comes in. Sitesell have a great package that gives you hosting, domain name registration, no traffic limits or bandwidth limits, and is a step- by-step web hobby/ business/ fun package.

Adsense is a great way of adding money making capabilites to your site, without having to do any serious hardwork (apart from making content).

Earn money with adsense. Point 4.

Do not read the hype though, you will not be making thousands of dollars per month with one site straight away. With a large site with plenty of content, a large visitor base and high value keywords it is difficult still. That is why many sites utilise both affiliate and adsense on every page of their site. Adsense should be used to cover your bases, i.e, it should pay (yearly) for your website subscription, and make sure you break even, minimum. If you can manage that, then that would be really cool, and doing much more than 80% of websites at the present time.


Earn money with adsense cash tip :

However, If you want to earn money with adsense, like serious cash and want to do a little bit of work, why not have more than one site? This is how people make the cash. Sure you may earn a minimum of $10/week with one site, but how about if you have 10 sites? $100/week. 30 sites, with high cost per clicks? $500/ week...easily.

What you need to do is build up many sites that are only 5-10 pages big. Fill them up with articles from article directories like www.ezinearticles.com, register a domain name and then submit your site to the usual directories and search engines, then move on to another site If you are dedicated you could have 5 sites up and going within a week.

So you want to join Google? Cool. Click here to join for free.

You will be presented with this screen:


From there you will need to sign up to Googles programe to start making money with Adsense. Google checks out your site, and will not pay you until you have amassed $50...which seems like a life time.

Once accepted you will be able to place Google designed ads on your page. Google goes through everything with you even choosing the colour of your ads.

You can even make picture ads, which get a better response. Also ads that are next to blocks of text work very well. But alot of it is down to testing. If one thing works fine, repeat it through your site. Don't assume anything...test, test and test some more.

One thing though. Never, ever adjust Googles ads or click on the ads. You will be terminated from the programe. Some people have done it for a mistake, some do it to defraud and some are curious as to what happens. Either way, don't do it.

Now we have found out how earn money with Adsense, where do we find the best affiliate programs for your site? Click to find out.