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Your Free DJing Resource Homepage

When you search the web there are countless sites dedicated to DJing. Most offer affiliate links that are disguised as relevant info. Others are just people who don't know what they are talking about.

I on the other hand have started to collect the very best information for you, the beginner in to the world of DJing. Below are links to relevant pages chock full of what you need to know about: How to DJ.


Why should you become a DJ though?

A DJ is something that people look up to, someone that gives the crowd what they want, and gets them possitively screaming for their name. Faithless summed it up in their music with a title "God is a DJ".

How cool does this look:


Also once the expense has gone with the equipment, there is nothing more that you need to buy. Obviously there is the music, but if you have CD desks and download from the Internet for free (from un-signed free MP3 sites) then expenses are limited. You can "do vinyl", in some ways it is cheaper because it is looked on as a dying format, so you can get loads of records for cheap.

Also eventually, if done right, the rewards are cool. Jetting off to sunny climates to party. How about making your own remix tunes and selling them? All of these are possible, however:

If there is one thing though, the secret to all top DJs success. Make sure that you practise. The most important part of DJing is the decks. If you are good enough then your name travels. There is no way that you can waffle as it is easily proven if you can do it or not. Top DJs are never born, they are just like you and me, but they practise...and practise alot.

When you are under pressure, have a crowd infront of you, you have got to get the job done. pressure is handled by practise. You know instinctively what to do, because you know your kit like the back of your hand.

Anyway, lets see what can be found here:

Some people like DJ software, especially free DJ software.

Now below is a link to a free ebook which has got

  • some cool free DJ software,
  • links to free music sites,
  • mash-up tips
  • DJ interviews
  • Voice removal techniques

And more. It is totally free, with no sign-up necessary. Check it out here to go to the download page.

There are many ebook out on the Internet that tell you how to DJ. Well I have tried some out, some are good and obviously some are bad. So that got me hunting for some tutorials and tips on proper DJing. I think I have found some of the best ones out there at the present time. If you want to check out this fairly extensive free tutorials guide, click here for top DJing tips. Make sure you read the DJ tips, which you should know before getting into DJing, and some really good free Internet videos.

Most DJs are mobile, hence they are called Mobile DJs. If you are one of these DJs are you actually doing it right? If you are a DJ just starting out, these tips will certainly help you get more gigs, increase your money and give you a firm reputation. Check them out here

I had a question from someone asking about DJ Marketing and how to do it effectively. So click here for the 10 best tips in DJ marketing.

Digital, CD or Records? It is a question that gets asked alot, so heres the answer: Become a DJ- What first?.

Where do you get your latest tunes from: Become a DJ- New tunes.

Your first steps: Become a DJ- Mixing.

Some people keep some secrets to themselves, not me: Become a DJ- 5 tips they don't want you to know about.

Who better to learn from then a Pro?: Become a DJ- John Digweed speaks.

Do you need cheap DJ turntables? Sometimes yes and sometimes no. Don't make the wrong decision before reading this: Cheap turntables and the DJ.