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How to DJ easily? Simply follow these free full DJing tips and tricks videos.

There are many guides on the Internet to do with DJing tips and tricks. most will show you a snippet of film, some might even show you a chapter of the ebook.

However as a side part to these tips. I have included some tips that might be useful that are not really concerned with kit, but could of been wirring around in the back of your head. Then onto the vids ;). So first up:

Q1: Should I get CD decks, or stay with Vinyl to mix?

A: Mixing with CD's is not really more or less difficult, it's about the same. The quality issue sometimes raises its head. But they are not all that different. If you use low quality MP3s then they will be low quality. If you want to check out some CD decks there are loads out there that will do the job. However, there is really only one industry standard the Pioneer CDJ1000, but you can just as easily buy the cheaper CDJ800, which has just about all the features of its more expensive big brother.

Q2: Should you protect your ears?

A: Yes, is the short and long answer. Turning down your monitor speakers can also help, but the problem comes with constant ear bashing from loud bad frequencies constantly over a period of time. You should also think of this: you can't DJ if you are deaf. I would use them from the start. If you use them after you have got used to mixing, it is like starting to mix all over again. So do it at the start, and protect those ears!

Q3: Is there an age limit to DJing?

A: No. If you are good enough, follow your tunes- being up-to-date, have a slight quirk to set you out from the rest, then any age is goood enough to start DJing.

Q4: What is the most important aspect of getting a gig?

A: Being different from the rest, and having a style all of your own. Unfortunately , good looking DJs have a very healthy fan base. However, talent, look and style will all play a roll in getting you that gig. If someone has the whole package then they will be able to be packaged much more easily. A great technical DJ is ok, but not the end all especially if you can not move the crowd. Stage personna is incredibly important and your unique sound. You need to stand out from the very full crowd.

Q5: So I am going to make it overnight right?

A: Its unusual for Djs to make more money than they actually spend on their music within the first 5 years.You need to be in this for the long haul, I can think of barely any DJ who made it overnight, and many who gave up because they laboured under the illusion that things would come easily. The two best ways of making it as a DJ are these: 1. Start making your own tunes and mixes and promote those- get a vibe going, get a fan base- these will give you more clout in negotiating a spot in a club. 2. Start your own venue (at a college or Student Union), promote it, make sure that it is legal (with insurance) and then get other DJs in as filler DJs and charge them. They will bring their own fans and help to promote your venue.

Now onto some DJing tips and tricks:

How to beat mix, without touching the platter:

DJing tips basics: Bars and Phrases:

DJing tips basics: Bars and Phrases Part 2:

DJing tips basics: Counting BPMs:

Quick tip: Rather than counting, you can use a calculator.Before starting the record, type in 1+1 on the calculator, then just start hitting the = key to the beat. Bear in mind that 1 is already entered so it'll start at 2.

Mix only with headphones:

DJing tips basics: How to drop a tune in using a vinyl turntable:

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