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Dj Genocide

This guy started messing around with Madtracker like a day ago and has been making tracks, he's only got one completed track but its kickin. Its got a good beat, great hooks, original samples.

This first track is still amateurish but an eye should be kept on this up and coming young artist.



This is great! Someone trying out music making and giving it a go. It doesn't have to be good, but giving it a go is what we are all about.

A couple of things though:

1- Someone has already taken the name
2- I couldn't find the music on the link
3- If you are going to release your first track onto the Internet, make it good. Show your friends the first few tracks, get them polished up and then release.

If people go to your site and you present with amateur music, not good music, then they will feel that their time is wasted and will not come back to you.

4- If you are using a community site, the main task is for you to get signups/ to get people as friends on onto your newsletter. You don't "own" the traffic from these sites they do, you send traffic to them, so use them. Make sure people sign up to you and that you answer their questions if they add comments.
5- Get a MySpace page, with a shorter web name :)

All the best though!

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