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I have two beats at a different tempo, like in two songs, how do I remix them?

Remixing two different tempo loops is a very hard process, normally. You either have to slow one down or speed the other up. And if you have drums that are soft, or loops that are quite "swirly/ atmospheric" then that doesn't help.

There are 3 main ways around the problem:

1. You can chop up the loop so that it can easily be fitted into a track, especially a tracker, then you can build the loop up and "remix" the loop by adding other elements into it. It is time consuming, but you have greater freedom in loop manipulation.

2. You can buy something like Ableton Live. This is very funky. It costs �200, but if you have two tracks of different tempos, like in a mash-up, then Ableton is what you need. ALL DJs recommend it. There is no secret to its use, you grab one MP3, throw that into the viewing session, and then you grab another MP3 and throw that in as well.

You can check out a quick tutorial on mixing 2 tracks. It uses Live 5, and can be seen here: Ableton Tutorial- different tempo tracks.

Ableton then uses its clever programming and you have a song that is timed just right. Ableton is predominantly a loop based software studio, and its technology is called Time Stretching. Stretching a loop of different speed over the same time frame of another loop of different speed. Clever stuff, if a bit expensive.

3. There is another...very sneaky way, of mashing up two loops. I would use this method if I really wanted to use two separate loops in a track. About 80% of my time is shouting at the music screen when things just don't match, even if it is a note out, or a bpm out, it is noticable.

The best "free" Time Stretching application out there at present is Sony's Acid Xpress 5.0. You can only save off as WMA or MIDI, but it is the best, and simplest app out there at present. A tutorial is found here: Acid Express.

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