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Click Through Rates And Your Success

You may think that click through rates are only needed for marketers who are trying to sell you somthing or they are needed by people who sell hard goods, but click throughs are far more important than that, especially anyone who is asking anyone to download anything from their site.

This then makes click throughs the most important thing you should understand if you want to make it on the Internet. That is selling or giving away anything online.

Click through rates have been banded around for some time, however I think they have been blurred by old marketing especially in the days of the banner ad. In that time, click through rates, impressions and click throughs were being bought for alot of money.

Nowadays we see click throughs as exactly the same, and this is bad.

For example, if I was getting a click through rate and a conversion rate of 2% that would be classed as the Internet average. This means that 2 out of every 100 people click through onto a page where I am specifically selling something. A conversion rate of say 2% is exactly type of thing. 2 people out of 100 people who have clicked through actually buy.

Most Internet marketing types shout out loud when they get 5% click through rate, some of the very highest have been 20-30%, and the record is about 90%.

But do you know what?

The 90% one should be the standard, not the record/ one off.

Let me put this in prospective, you are selling something, so you would have thought that the people who go onto the page that is selling something should actually buy the thing!

Google Adwords are pointless if you don't convert those people who have been highly targeted (well they should be) who actually want your thing. Lets see what should happen:

  • A specific person should click on a specific link to a specific product
  • They read the fluff about it,
  • They buy

There are alot of specific words in there and that is what increases your conversion rate. Getting someone looking for baby food to buy from a brick merchant is Internet suicide.

So your adverts should show what a person is going to get when they click on a link. This is especially needed with Adwords as each click costs you money, and if wrong, will cost you advert placement.

To catch the person looking for product info have a product info page then linking to the product to buy. This product info page would have its own advertisement and the product will have its own advertisement.

If people are not buying from your product page it could be due to a few things:

  • You haven't been specific in your links to the page
  • It is not what you said it should be
  • It has been targetted at the wrong type of person
  • The "sales page" is wrong and looks poor
  • There are no benefits
  • Is the price right for your targetted group, too low and people think something is wrong, too high and you won't get many sales
  • There is no you, the Internet is faceless, destroy that image with a picture of you and a bio of you- don't boast about how good you must is, people don't like someone who is big headed
  • They have been scared off from something written or not written (no guarantee, email link etc)
  • No demo

I am sure that you can think of others, when you go onto some sites you have a general gut feeling of why not to buy.

So what does this mean for the musician? Well if you are selling your CDs and people are clicking on a link to your CD selling page and not buying then there is a problem. You need to go through the above points and see what could be the problem.

One that effected me was the actual layout of the sales page. I used to use a blank HTML page that looked like this page, with just words and no pictures -it didn't work at all well, and people were concerned so they came to the page and turned away. Then I got a template, added graphics and a picture of myself and my click through rate increased.

Make sure as well that you don't surprise people on the sales page either as this will decrease your click through rate. If you say that something is going to be as certain price or method of download then make sure it is.

For example, I hate the rebate thing. I found a DVD for $9, it was just released- I thought bargain! I went upto the counter and they said it was $19, you get the $10 dollars back if you send off a written form for the rebate. I put the DVD on the counter and walked out. Their click through rate reduced.

So if you are getting a really low click through rate, just think of the above points. The main one has to be "is it the right person you are trying to sell to?" This is more so in the music area where piracy is active. It always will be, so you must make sure that people go to you rather than downloading your music.

On your sales page make sure that the pricing is low enough for someone to justify spending out on an unknown artist. Offer some additional bonuses as well (that are related to your music)- don't offer the standard ebooks that are doing their rounds on the Internet- like search engine optimisation- why? But people do include these in their deals and it makes them look desperate and very amateurish.

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