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The best ever classic top techno - who are they and how they influenced every top techno artist

What are the best techno songs? The classic top techno tracks of the future? That you heard once and then, you just want to hear again for nostalgia reasons. Below are the best classic techno songs, the best, techno that influenced a generation and brought techno to the masses.

When you hear them again you will notice how quick and catchy they really are, and how much the styles have changed. And above all, where did they go?

I offer you the classic top techno songs, in no particular order:

Binary Finary- 1998

I love this group, and what a simple tune it really is. A string chord structure that just gets built upon. They realease 1999, and so on. Great tune, pure classic dance floor stomper.

Binary Finary- 1998

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Technotronic Feat. Felly - Pump Up The Jam

Technotronic are great full stop. I remember have a cassette of theirs and it was great. This song got them really well known, and then they made the Teenage Turtles music- ahhh its all flooding back to me now.

Technotronic- Pump Up The Jam

The Prodigy - Charley

An underground outfit, then Charley came about then, BLAM, this songs put them into the charts and puts light rave into the mainstream, with THAT vacuum sound. Then came a whole host of copycat artists.

Prodigy- Charley

M/A/R/R/S - Pump Up The Volume

There are so many different remixes of this song, but the original is great. Made by two producers who got into a little bit of trouble by using samples that they hadn't cleared- the publicity only made the song increase its chart position. One of the best techno songs built with loops, probably.

MARRS- Pump Up The Volume

Moby - Go

Even in the early 90s late 80s, Moby still proved that he was talented and way ahead of his time. Producing this stormer, in the early days this was revolutionary and paved the way for Moby. This early track lays the framework for future top techno tracks from Moby, as his later tracks have that same feel and are similarly built up.

Moby- Go

The Future Sound of London - Papua New Guinea

Ooh yeah, what a cool track. Oriental influences, with some trippy trance vocals and loops. The bass is great and it is just a classic top techno track. The video has also influenced other artists, especially DJ Sammy.

FSOL- Papua New Guinea

808 State - Pacific State

This is a great techno track and you can probably find it on any classic top techno compilation. The 808 State lads (3 of them) have been pioneers of techno music from the beginning, and their albums are clearly classics in themselves. Having worked as 808 State, they then went on and made Bjorks career skyrocket by making her albums (with the classic big time sensuality being a specific, one of the best techno songs). Then they went onto to work with British rapper McTunes, worth a listen? Yes for the 808 State backings only.

Bjork + 808 State- Big Time Sensuality

Altern 8 - Evapor-8

Those yellow masked producers produced some really cool early rave/ speed techno. They were pioneering and practically made the basic rave chords that are being used today in top commercial techno and even other styles like indie and rock.

Altern8- Evapor8

Praga Khan - Injected With A Poison

The song is great, no doubts, but if you can find the album (featuring Jade for you), you will have a great find. The music is really catchy and quite complex. The singing that features on the album is quite limited, and cheesy, but hey, with classic top techno of this quality you can forgive him.

Praga Khan- Injected With A Poison

2 Unlimited - No Limit

Alot of people were quite hurtful towards 2 Unlimited. Admittedly their songs had the same structure, but that was good- simple, catchy synth lines with hard beats for the chorus and a female vocal for each verse- and repeat. You expected, and got, a great pounding classic top techno song. That is what they were about. Very commercial, but highly successful.

2 Unlimited- No Limit

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Shamen - Move Any Mountain

The Shamen. I like them alot, and Move Any Mountain was a great classic top techno song. Again once they released this song it was played everywhere and whatever they released after that became successful.

The Shamen- Move Any Mountain

Adamski - Killer

Wow, what a techno classic. I even hear it to this day played on the various music channels, and it may have some early synth sounds, it doesn't seem out of place for some reason. Launched Seal's career though, but he just complimented this song throughout, I can't really imagine it without his vocals.

Adamski- Killer

Underworld - Born Slippy.

Rode on the tidal wave that was Trainspotting, this was a clear anthem of the 90s. A thundering kick drum over some spoken vocals with minimal synth sounds. It was a perfect speaker killer, and it was a great track. Darren Emerson was the main musician, a great DJ and now an own record label owner.

Underworld- Born Slippy

Josh Wink - Higher State of Consciousness

Now, if you want to know how much an effect the TB303 had on the music industry, kick start this classic top techno song. Complete trancy techno with a great beat playing under the ever present 303. Be warned, has the potential to make your ears bleed.

Josh Wink- Conciousness

Guru Josh - Infinity

I know these great techno songs are in no order, but I feel guilty of leaving this genius to last. Infinity broke many a techno rule, and it is a pure classic track to teach you that as long as you have good ideas mixed with some good sounds, techno greatness will occur. Who ever heard of a trumpet being a lead sound, or a piano being in a techno song? Josh found a way and paved the way for Robert Miles and other to come through. Again any Guru Josh album is a great find, I just feel sorry that he never had huge exposure and is what he deserved. Just think Jean Michelle Jarre plugged in to the Prodigy. Classic top techno.

Guru Josh- Infinity

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