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How to find those elusive cheap turntables.

I have been asked my times to "where can I find cheap turntables"? The obvious answer is to hunt around Ebay. but if someone points you in the direction of Ebay or an affiliate store quickly, then they are not telling you the full story.

To buy a set of cheap turntables straight away and believe that you will play on sandy shores around the world is not really a wise move.

You have to think "what am I going to do with my DJing?"

That is the only way that you will find out the proper cheap turntables that you need, and why that cheap turntables might not actually be for you.

Lets stand back for a bit. There are absolutely loads of different bits of kit being released, daily in some cases. Do you buy the newest and latest kit?


Why? For a very good reason why I should have bought my computer much later than I should have done. It went down in price, the exact same model was $300 cheaper 6 months later. But because it had the "new chip set" I bought it when it came out. Big mistake and cost me alot of money.

Also, what we must also think about is the B2 Bomber. This is the bomber that is stealth, is a big grey plane and looks the business. It was released to the media and by company smiling faces. The only problem with this billion dollar/ plane project is that when it was flown, properly, it was found that it doesn't like some weather conditions. So it had to go back to the factory.

Most very new bits of equipment, especially new software/ electronics, are subject to the public and therefore rigerous testing. And in some cases (scarily a lot) things have to be returned for modifications.

So wait. read the reviews on the Internet, check out what people are saying- the manufacturers can not stop these type of reviews that are usually straight forward and non-BS.

But also there are classics. Now I use Ableton Live 5, it does exactly what I want it to do. The newer versions are great, but I have no intention, well not yet, to upgrade for a few bells and whistles. Sometimes the classics are classics because they are tried, tested and trusted. Some DJs have kept with their Technics deck for years, and why should they change? They get the same mixes down, they are used to the equipment, and more so they can get the best out of it.

What to think about

If you are going to buy some cheap turntables then you must think about why are you going to use them. If you are going to do this as a side hobby when some buddies come round then you should really keep with some cheap DJ decks. Having high performance decks won't do anything more.

If you are going to do this as a job/ make a go of this, then you should invest more money into buying some named brands. These would be Technics, Newmark, Stanton etc. If you bought some cheap turntables then you would have the problem of them breaking with overuse (not good in a set), so you would pay twice in the long run anyway.

Also if you came to sell the cheap decks on, then you won't get that much money back for them. But if you got the named brands, they are bullet proof, you tend to get your money back with named brands, especially ones that have been looked after.

Oh, and don't buy belt driven turntables, they will break over time, so go for the direct drive decks.

So where do I go to get some good cheap turntables?

There are many places on the net that sell cheap DJ equipment, and most do packages (mixer, plus turntables, plus headphones sold together). One of the most reliable named package sellers is here: Cheap turntables and DJ packages.

If you want something a bit more Pro, have a browse and read the reviews, then I wouldn't hestitate to go here: Pro DJ eqipment.

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