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The best sites for cheap legal MP3s around!

Downloading cheap legal MP3s is a huge growth market on the Internet, with 35% of all music customers downloading legal MP3s and the trend is going to rise and expand as consumers demand cheap legal MP3s. The downloading of MP3s is the number one cause of a reduction in hard copy CD sales in shops. Downloading stats of legal Mp3s have now been assimilated into the chart system, such is the growing demand.

As we all know there are illegal sites out there that allow you to download Mp3s, so what is the difference?

Legitimately licensed sites are Internet-based services that provide downloads of music legally licensed from established record labels and the artists themselves.

So because of the combined partnership between the music industry and the legitimately licensed sites, you'll get "law-suit-risk-free" music downloads.

Cheap legal MP3s are downloaded from music download sites with usually some sort of "semi/full subscription-based", within any fee that you pay, some of that will go towards the record label, so that you are "covered".

So what are the advantages of downloading cheap legal MP3s from these sites?

    1. Safe downloads. Upon downloading, there will be your MP3 file and nothing else, no surprises. You know what you are downloading, and if anything did go wrong, you have a company to complain/ report to- you have safeguards.

    2. Quality. You know that you are receiving 100% the genuine MP3, there is no alternative version. It won't be recorded from tape, someone in the shower singing the track (I have heard of that being done)- and be poor quality. There will be no crackling, clicks or any other poor recording practices.

    3. A reliable source. If you download from "Jeffs MP3 House" you don't know who they are or where they live. If you are paying for that service it can be very risky. With a reputable service you have a company address, a company registered office- all for customer peace of mind. Also, a geniuine, cheap legal MP3s sites will not shut down due to copyright and other musical legal issues.

But there has to be some disadvantages right?

Well, yes, but with everything there is some sort of downside, but these cheap legal MP3s are not too bad:

    1. You have to pay for the service. This is the main one, with file sharing sites, its free, but when you add up the costs anyway, cheap legal MP3 sites are still much cheaper (and getting cheaper) than buying a CD.

    2. Sometimes you have to subscribe to more than one service. This is only because the services are evolving. The file legal MP3 sites are building up their stocks of MP3s very rapidly, catalogues of tracks are being converted, and specialised legal MP3 sites (like Techno, or dance only sites) are popping up all the time.

OOOh, I like what I hear, can you show me some legal MP3s sites?

Sure I can. And guess what it is totally free as well.

The best place to find all the best free MP3s that you can download is here:


I have travelled most of the Mp3 sites and collected all those sites together to form the MP3 Directory. Over 1 million MP3 files are present from this free ebook. No trials, no "strange links".

Guess what?! There are commerical artists in there as well that have achieved world wide chart success...offering free downloads. You just have to know where to find them.

Click here for the direct download link for your free MP3 Directory.

The eBook is created in Adobe Acrobat file format. (PDF file). If you don't have the Adobe software for this file, you can download and install it for free.

cheap legal mp3s

However, if you want to check out the free MP3 Jukebox... It is from Songza and you type in what commercial artist who you want to listen to and then you can listen to them...for free and completely legal. I am unsure how they are making their money, but jump onto this as fast as you can. Songza

What is better than cheap legal MP3s? Free legal mp3s!

Click to make your own MP3s, sell them, and make your own profit, for FREE!

Click for the ultimate guide to convert your audio CD to MP3

Click for the ultimate guide to the best MP3 hosting sites on the Internet